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Yusuke OONO

Architect, Designer, Engineer in Tokyo Japan

Yusuke Oono is an architect/designer/engineer working at noiz architects, an architectural design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei. He has worked on various projects including designing for landscape, interior, furniture, product, graphic and exhibition plannings.
Yusuke has just started to release his own works, initiating with the "Wallpecker" and currently the "360 degree book" which won the highest prize for International Competition "You Fab 2012".
Yusuke is keen to find new ways to express dimension, utilizing 3D modeling technology and digital fabrication method such as laser-cutter and 3d scanner/printer. He is keen to seek for new value of design.

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Between Information and Material

@ VOL 108 ON NOV 06, 2013

Yusuke Oono presents some projects that he and his team have completed. He begins with a collection of wireframe furniture he has one display in a museum, which leads into an application that allows companies to design their own furniture. Lastly he goes into depth on a project he worked on involving laser cutting and books. (in Japanese)

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Nov 06, 2013