Curator, Director of InFormat Design Curating / InFormat Paper in Taipei Taiwan

Graduated from Department of Architecture, HuaFan University in 2002, Pang completed Master of Art Space Nature from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006. Now he is the Director of InFormat Design Curating & InFormat Paper, also lecturing at Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University.
In Oct. 2014, Pang founded InFormat Design Curating & InFormat Paper, and had once been the Creative Director of archicake from 2009-2014. In that period of time, he executed exhibitions related to architecture and design issues, planned research projects of urban issues, and devoted to the study of architecture, design and cultural exhibition planning.
For two years in a row, Pang participated in the planning and execution of the 2013 & 2014 Taipei Design and City Exhibition (TPDC), and was the Curator and Execution Director of the 2015 TPDC. He organized designers and design teams from Taiwan and aboard to join in the Exhibition all together. Pang also planned and promoted the URS Urban Regeneration Station project, including media planning of Village Taipei and exhibition curating of URS89-6 Urban Core, URS127 Art Factory, URS27W Film Range.
Pang’s comments on culture and life are now often published on La Vie, Shopping Design, C’est si bon, GQ and Wealth Magazine etc. He put long-term attention on curating issues relating to architecture / design / art / culture and the crossover resources integration, also experienced several project & exhibition planning to match design teams to the Government. From curating exhibitions related to architecture and design issues to promoting education of the design field, he devoted to integrate the architecture industry and the energy of design and our lives through organizing events (workshop / forum / design summit) and media promoting (multimedia producing and independent media reporting).

2002年畢業於華梵大學建築系,2006年取得英國愛丁堡藝術學院ART SPACE NATURE藝術空間策展碩士,目前為格式設計展策與格式多媒負責人,元智大學藝術與設計學系設計課程兼任講師。

2014年10月創立格式設計展策與格式多媒。2009-2014年擔任archicake築點設計創意總監,執行建築、設計展覽策劃與都市相關議題研究規劃,鑽研建築、設計與文化生活類展覽策劃,參與2013、2014年「臺北設計城市展」執行策劃,並擔任2015年度「臺北設計城市展」策展人與執行總監,統籌國內外設計師與設計團隊共同參與展演。URS Urban Regeneration Station臺北再生前進基地計畫推動規劃,包含「台北村落之聲」媒體行銷規劃,URS89-6城中藝術街區、迪化街URS127公店、延平南路都市影像研究室27W展覽策化與執行。
文化生活評論作品於《La Vie》、《Shopping Design》、《小日子》《GQ》、《財訊》等專業雜誌發表。長年關注台灣建築、設計與藝術文化相關策展與跨屆資源整合,參與多項政府與民間設計團體媒合展覽與規劃,其範圍包含博物館展覽策劃、建築設計策展、藝文設計特展,並持續推動設計與建築教育,透過相關文化推廣工作坊、設計高峰會、論壇、多媒體影像製作與獨立專業報導平台,整合台灣建築與設計生活動能。

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Sound of Field

@ VOL 29 ON JUN 25, 2016

Curator Wang Yaopang shares spiritual milestones from the 'Sound of Field' exhibition held for Fieldoffice Architects in 2015, to the recently held 'Octaphilosophy' exhibition, and hopes people do not forget the original intention of these exhibitions.

策展人王耀邦分享為田中央於2015年舉辦的【「現場介入」— 聆聽田中央 Sound of Field 】展覽,到近期舉辦的【八角哲學】展覽的心路歷程,也希望大家莫忘初衷。


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Taipei @ xuexue institute
Jun 25, 2016