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William Helm

Architect, In*Situ Architecture in El Paso United States

Photographer and Architect William (Bill) Helm calls El Paso his adopted hometown - having lived there for most of the past 20 years. Bill was first introduced to PechaKucha at a lecture Mark Dytham gave while finishing his architecture thesis at the University at Buffalo in 2006. Shortly thereafter he gave his first 20x20 presentation at PechaKucha Buffalo Vol 2 before returning back to his beloved city of El Paso to continue the conversation. In 2008, with the help of a few friends in the local design community, Bill launched PechaKucha Night in El Paso in a land that was thirsty for the level of creative discourse that PechaKucha Night had to offer. In the years that have followed, Bill started In*Situ Architecture — which has grown over the past few years to be one of the leading design firms in the city. He has grown PechaKucha partnerships in the El Paso community over the subsequent years as well to include collaborative events across the national border with PechaKucha Juarez.

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Building Bridges, Not Walls at the US - Mexico Border

@ VOL 134 ON MAR 18, 2016

"We hope whoever becomes president builds more bridges instead of walls [because] we are sister cities, divided only by the river."

In Building Bridges, Not Walls at the US - Mexico Border from PKN Tokyo Vol 134, PechaKucha Night El Paso City Organizers (and acclaimed architects) William Helm and Edgar Lopez describe the symbiotic relationship of the sister cities of El Paso and Juarez. The residents of the two cities activate a third space of the US/Mexico border, called "Pass of the North"  which produces a rich milieu of creativity, art and culture. In this place which was historically known as "Paso del Norte" along the Spanish road from Mexico City to Santa Fe, the two cities have come together to use the PechaKucha conversation to bridge across the border. 20 x 20 x 2 cities = building bridges not walls.

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Aalen @ Aalener Löwenbrauerei
Jul 13, 2018

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El Paso @ EPCF Foundation Room
Jun 23, 2016

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Mar 18, 2016