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Valentina Bonito

in Eindhoven Netherlands

Imagine two strangers: One Ducth, One Expat, two cultures, two languages, two personalities, one campus, one (double) interview and some unconventional solo shots.

Directions: take the candidates, flatter them. If necessary, beg them on bended knee. Arrange a meeting and show up late, so that they stare at each other thinking “hmmm, perhaps it’s him, or maybe not. Ok it’s him, should I approach him…no, I wait, ok I go, wait, yes I wait, but then go wait go no wait yes”. Bring along the solo shots of the two, it will help you breaking the ice and mixing the ingredients properly. Start from standard questions, like: “Where does the name Eindhoven come from?”, “What’s does the second Maxwell mean?”, “When was Princess Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria of the Netherlands born?”, “How many pages are in the Bible?”. Most probably, they will kick you out of the conversation in 2-minutes time, and do the rest by themselves. Last but not least, enjoy the result.

With over five hundred international students and expats welcolmed every year, the city of Eindhoven stands out for its unique, internationally oriented atmosphere. Face.TU/e.Face is a social experiment made in TU/e, where local and international students, while interviewing each other about campus and city life, try to fill the gap between the Dutch community and the International one.

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke Photography

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Eindhoven @ Temporary Art Centre (TAC)
Sep 07, 2017