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architect, Mikan,みかんぐみ in Tokyo Japan

Manuel Tardits is Professor of Architecture Design (non-tenured) in Practice of I-AUD (International Program in Architecture and Urban Design) at Meiji University. He is co-founder of Mikan based in Yokohama City, which he established in 1995. Prior to this, he worked with various architectural design offices in Paris before advancing career in Japan as well as led the Célavi Associates in Japan. Tardits serves as vice president at ICS College of Art from 2006 and joining the I-AUD faculty in 2013. He has been a visiting faculty member in several institutions such as Shibaura Institute of Technology, University of Tsukuba and Tohoku University.

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Pavilion of the Sardine

@ VOL 147 ON MAY 31, 2017

The Setouchi Triennale 2016, a contemporary art festival held every three years on several islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan and the coastal cities of Takamatsu and Tamano, aims to revitalize the region which has suffered from depopulation in recent years. Tonight, we will be centering in on one of the islands, Ibukijima, and its recent addition, “the sardine pavilion”, built entirely out of locally sourced recycled materials. Manuel Tardits from Japanese architecture firm Mikan, along with students of Meiji University, share with us this magical collaboration between a carpenter, a tile maker, ten students, staff, and friends.


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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
May 31, 2017