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Sylvester Suwandi

Fashion Designer in Jakarta Indonesia

Stephanus Sylvester Suwandy or who is often called this Sylvester, born in Palembang, April 16, 1994. In June 2014 he's graduated from Esmod Jakarta on Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting major. Early 2014, Sylvester launch his own line: "BASS" with the first collection entitled "Van Vogue", which means 'Of style'. Most recently he was selected as the winner of "Go Ahead Challenge" in 2014 which was held by Sampoerna A Mild, where he gained international experience with Tex Saverio team in Paris, France; mentored by Faye Liu, Tex Saverio's Fashion Director, Sylvester involved and helped through shooting and casting process during Tex Saverio Fashion Presentation at Paris Fashion Week 2014.

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Bass // Van Vogue

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Sylvester Suwandi, a young promising Fashion Designer took the exotic middle east as his inspiration to create his first collection under his own brand: BASS. He also shares his experience during Paris Fashion Week with Tex Saverio team when he won GoAhead Challenge competition. He pointed out that despite the glamour lifestyle, fashion industry is a world filled with hard-working people. Fashion is more than what you see.