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Steve Tidball

founder of Vollebak, the world's most experimental adventure brand in London United Kingdom

Steve Tidball is the founder of Vollebak, the world's most experimental adventure brand which produce functional wears to help athletes push their physical and cognitive limits in new and unimagined ways. Vollebak focuses on ideas that have the potential to create quantum leaps forward in every athlete's performance, and transfer as seamlessly across adventure sports as athletes themselves. Today, he shares his inspiring experiences and his journey.

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Insanely hardcore clothing!

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

In this fast paced PechaKucha you get to hear from not only just Steve Tidball but also his twin brother Nick Tidball too!

Steve and Nick gave this PechaKucha at Vo.16 in London and in just over 6 minutes they share tales of how their lives,  experiences and passion have morphed into their newest venture - Vollebak, a clothing brand making the most advanced sports gear in the world for extreme sports athletes! And by extreme they have really fone for it and their clothing is EXTREMELY EXTREME! Like falling on a rock at 120 kilometres an hour! All we can say is WOW!

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London @ HASSELL Studio
Aug 10, 2017