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Sean O'Grady

in New Orleans United States

Born in Portland, OR, Sean began playing with video and photos in high school, taking the only video production class offered multiple times. Using his parent Hi-8 camcorder to make numerous movies with friends for fun during high school and continuing afterwards. After attending Mount Hood Community College and getting a degree in Television Production, Sean began working for companies around town, learning the craft or shaping light, and continuing making movies. Around this time he began experimenting with film cameras, taking gorgous portraits as well as beautiful landscape pieces. 2013 brought Sean to New Orleans where he is looking to further himself and push his creative limits.

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Visual Documenter of War

@ VOL 17 ON MAY 13, 2015

Videographer and photographer, Sean O’ Grady, is a visual documenter of the war of man vs. nature.  As a documenter Sean shares that he is able to be an observer and not an active participant of this futile war that man has with nature.  He explains that he doesn’t have the answers for the war, but only the evidence of its existence.  Being lost prior to coming to New Orleans he is in search of finding the 6th sense of balance.

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New Orleans @ The Courtyard Brewery
May 13, 2015