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Sagar Sawant

IT Consultant, Cyquent, Inc. in Rockville, Maryland United States

Sagar Sawant is the founder, and CEO of Cyquent, Inc., an IT services specializing in systems integration, legacy modernization, business intelligence, and IT Outsourcing.

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How Much Did Your Ultrasound Cost?

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 24, 2013

How much did your medical procedure cost? How much should it have cost? Where is the for doctors? In this presentation Sagar Sawant shows us just how much the cost for procedures can vary. A hip replacement surgery in Ada, Oklahoma will cost $5,300 while the same procedure in California will cost $223,000. Sagar hopes to help make people more knowledgable about their choices so that medical costs will go down and care quality will go up.