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Ryo Ikeshima

Event Organizer in Osaka Japan

It was one concert that Mr. IKESHIMA Ryo was convinced of the power of entertainment for the first time. At that time he was a university student working part-time at the concert. After the concert he saw every face of the audience turned into a smile. That made him believe the potentiality of entertainment so that he decided to study in New York. He worked as an intern at a local event organizing company and experienced street events operation. He believes that a ‘healthy community’ is the place in which people with different skin colors, different in size, and different body smell naturally live together, enjoy together and share the life. Back in Japan, he met the members of a leisure sword battle (IKUSA) team and has been organizing events across Japan. He is aiming for revitalizing communities through entertainment. He says he prefers to be a person who casts spotlights on someone rather than a one who stands in the spotlight.

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Possibility of Play

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 01, 2016


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Osaka @ Hirakata T-SITE 4F event space
Oct 01, 2016