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Richard Williams

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Richard Williams is a culinary arts major at Sullivan University. Throughout the course of the program, he has worked several part-time jobs, but has focused most of his time on his education and furthering his knowledge in the field. He has also worked as a volunteer for many local events in his free time, including assisting Chef Albert Schmid with his demo at the Bourbon Classic and working as part of a catering crew at the Gillespie on behalf of Dean Corbett. After graduation Richard plans to hook up with friends that have also graduated and dispersed across the country and immerse himself in the regional cultures, eventually hoping to enjoy a modest, sustainable life on the west coast.

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Culinary School

@ VOL 15 ON APR 14, 2015

Richard describes his experience in culinary school. He talks about the good and bad reasons people attend, and what to expect when you graduate.

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Louisville @ Tim Faulkner Gallery
Apr 14, 2015