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Peter Grasse

Executive Producer, Dictionary Films Tokyo in Tokyo Japan

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Film Production, Advertising, Marketing Strategy, and Brand Development. Strong professional graduated from the University of Chicago & Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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Inspired Adaptation - Making Love from Walls

@ VOL 147 ON MAY 31, 2017

Whatever your position on Donald Trump, it's fair to say that he is a veritable fount of creative inspiration. Back in February, his bluster about building a boundary between Mexico and the US led Diesel Headquarters to launch a campaign called ‘Make love not walls’. Trump’s intolerance was a chance for the brand to mark itself as a supporter of inclusivity in characteristically colourful style. Trump's wall has less meaning in Japan. But the country does have figurative walls of its own, and as Japan is Diesel’s largest market, the company opted to create a fully localized interpretation of the theme. In particular, while Japan is a world leader in terms of fashion and subculture, society as a whole has been slow to open up to the LGBT community. ‘The walls’ urges a removal of the barriers that prevent open expression of love and affection between people of all sexual orientations. Peter Grasse shares. 

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
May 31, 2017