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Penka Georgieva

University Lecturer, Burgas Free University in Burgas Bulgaria

I have a degree in Pure Mathematics from Plovdiv University, Bulgaria and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
My main areas of scientific interest are Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Hybrid Systems, as well as the major subjects I am currently teaching at Burgas Free University – Calculus, Numerical Methods, Financial Mathematics.

I do some other things: I am a Tai Chi instructor, Maths instructor for school kids (from time to time) and work on projects. Actually we’ve just finished one very interesting project: Enhancing E-Democracy in Bulgaria -learning from Iceland (about crowdsourcing).
There is something more that I am proud of this year and this is the successful organization and hosting of CompMath2016 (

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Изкуствен интелект - страхове и реалност

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 26, 2016

Трябва ли да се страхуваме от изкуствения интелект?

Какво представлява изкуствения интелкт (Soft Computing)?

Защо някои хора мислят, че постиженията на тази област на науката ни застрашават като живи същества?

 Близка ли е сингулярността?

Какви са реалностите?