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Nanaimo Design Nerds

Communication Designer/Creative Facilitator, Awarewolf Creative in Nanaimo Canada

Empowering People, Places and Presence Through Design.
“The most important thing about design, is how it relates to people.” – Victor Papanek

We believe Nanaimo is an incredible city, one with limitless opportunities to grow, to explore, and to engage the community in creative, and culturally significant ways. We see our roles as agents of change. Each of us cares deeply about the civic, cultural, and natural environment, and we are moved to develop innovative spaces and solutions in our city.

Civically, we work with organizations to unlock the latent creativity that already exists within, and provide guidance on leveraging the newly-discovered creativity to overcome organizational challenges.

Our problem-solving sessions, fun and fast-paced sessions we call Design Jams, are used in cities around the world to solve complex problems using principles of design. We’ve hosted several Jams in Nanaimo, including Operation Night Lights, The Culture Plan Jam, How to Awesome-ize Your City, and Jam the Fringe.

Culturally, we envision a rich and vibrant future for our city, and we believe in shaping that future through action, through community engagement, and through collaboration with other creative-minded individuals and organizations. We are a small organization that refuses to think in small terms. Our plans are on the grand scale, designed to transform a city still trying to find its voice into a thriving space that’s valuable, desirable, and inspiring beyond our imaginations.

Naturally, we are the nexus of the community. Our goal can best be described as forward momentum. We see all of Nanaimo’s beautiful spaces, the streets and shops, the people and places, and we imagine myriad ways to collaborate, to create exciting experiences (link to Storefront project), and to build a brighter future for ourselves, for our children, for every resident and visitor.

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O, Canada. Our Home and Native Clichè

@ VOL 1 ON JUL 25, 2015

"In order to build community, we have to give a little and we have to take a little"

Tammy Elliott
 presents her perspective on Canadian clichès and stereotypes. By sharing simple moments with her students, neighbours or even people found by chance on her path, she experiences the meaning of Community. By putting a little of ourselves, we increase the value of ordinary life.

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Remnants of the Past

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 26, 2015

In Remnants of the Past, Fred Jeffery mixes humour, philosophy and history to tell a story about change. The past 150 years have taken the land, waters and people in and around what we now call Nanaimo on a trying journey, often overlooking the health and diversity of people and nature in the name of economic growth. While recognizing the darker side of our past, Fred highlights the hope and examples of inspiration that promise a more inspiring future for this city.

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Ghost Stories

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 26, 2015

Places and objects inhabited or used by people of long ago carry stories kept alive by the exhibits and tours at the Nanaimo Museum. Aimee Greenaway shares her passion for history and narrates the stories of several Nanaimoites whose lives are no longer but whose memory live on through records and artifacts: the pin of the first Chinese-Canadian registered nurse, the life of a prostitute born on Fraser Street, a Snuneymuxw story stone excavated in Departure Bay, the cult of Brother XII… Listen and learn!

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18 Things I Love About Nanaimo

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 26, 2015

Join Christine Muetzner in a journey through Nanaimo's history as she takes us through the Nanaimo Archives. In this presentation, Christine shares her 20 years' of archival experience and shines a light on the importance of the archives for Nanaimo's past, present, and future.