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Naked House

Community Builders, Naked House in London United Kingdom

We're a group of working Londoners with a creative solution to our affordable housing needs. The average cost of a home in London is £458,000 - that's priced us out of the market. At the same time we're uninspired by off-the-shelf affordable housing where you pay a premium for finishes and fittings that you don’t necessarily want or need.

Our solution is to strip it back to the bare essentials - saving design and build costs by creating a community of 'naked' houses. It's then down to the people who'll live there to create the homes they want. We think this will create far more vibrant homes, better suited to people's needs. And we hope the process itself will build a real sense of community.

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I want to live in a Naked House

@ VOL 10 ON MAY 12, 2016

In 'I Want to Live in a Naked House' Simon Chouffot brings a breath of a fresh air to the Londong Housing Crisis.

While London's new Mayor is striving to deliver 50,000 new homes in London each year, it is people like Simon who actually make that happen!

Simon's talk was one the most talked (and tweeted) about PechaKucha of London's Vol 11 which had the theme of HOME.

Listen and have your heart warmed as Simon tells us about how everyone deserves to have their 'home sweet home'.


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London @ The Geffrye Museum
May 12, 2016