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Matt Culver

Fab Lab Supervisor, Lecturer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Knoxville United States

From spending countless hours building with Legos and drawing dozens and dozens of houses, I knew from a very early age I wanted to become an architect. When I enrolled in architecture school, model making quickly became my design tool of choice. After working summers in construction, graduating from architecture school, working in architectural offices, traveling, working in more architectural offices, becoming a licensed architect, I did what many architects do: I started making furniture. I only intended to enroll for a single semester in a furniture program, but fell in love with woodworking and could not imagine giving it up. When I told my dad this is what I wanted to do, he said, “Well, it’s in your blood.” He was right. My parents’ home is filled with furniture that my dad, grandfather, great, great, great grandfather either made, refinished or outright stole at an auction. If you look at our family tree, my first relative, Edward Colver who came to the colonies in 1635 from Groton England was listed as “A woodworker in the service of the king.” Nearly 400 years later, I’d like to think myself the same.

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By All Means, Craft

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 11, 2014

Matt Culver's focuses on the University of Tennessee School of Architecture Fab Lab. While this facility may be similar to fabrication shops at other design schools, Matt firmly believes that the University of Tennessee School of Architecture Fab Lab is uniquely poised to draw upon a regional legacy of craft. This potential opportunity can help set it apart from other facilities.