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John Lamperis

Presenter, Joyful Hope Presentations in Batavia United States

Happy guy and father of 8 children, rides motorcycles, plays drums, flies drones and loves people. Youth minister for 25 years. Speaks publicly, presents retreats, and runs two summer camps for middle school youth.

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Belly Buttons: An Unexpected Portal to Miracles

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 25, 2017

The birth of a blind child followed by the birth of a sighted child provided a miraculous discovery for John N. Lamperis, the father of both, who was not only present at their births, but assisted in making their belly buttons. While sharing his journey, John tells humorous anecdotes of his frustration with his oldest daughter’s attire, which revealed his creation—that is, the belly button—and describes the joy in knowing that, sighted or not, each of children is a blessing.

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Batavia @ Island View Banquets (at Batavia VFW)
May 25, 2017