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Jessica Bellamy

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth in Louisville United States

Jessica Bellamy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Louisville with degrees in Drawing (BFA), Graphic Design (BFA), Pan African Studies (BA), and a minor in Communication. She is a neurodevelopmental science research analyst, a freelance designer for social change projects, and a community organizer. Being a multi-disciplined artist and activist, Jessica enjoys combining her interests in social justice and information accessibility with her skills in design and research.

Jessica joined Kentuckians For The Commonwealth in 2013 and has been an active member and volunteer ever since; designing event posters and co-organizing Smoketown community cookouts, a neighborhood block party, a community art project, and collaborating with fellow members to coordinate KFTC's VISION Smoketown community canvassing project.

Jessica has lived and worked in Smoketown, a historically Black neighborhood in Louisville, for more than twenty-six years. Her grandmother, mother, aunt, and uncle have been and continue to be active residents, local business owners, and civic leaders in their community. From the creation of The Salute to Black Jockeys Festival to the on-going Smoketown Halloween Safe Walks, her family has made a deep commitment to strengthening the Smoketown neighborhood. Today Smoketown is undergoing rapid change by government and private developers, and many residents have already lost their homes and been displaced around the city. Jessica and her fellow KFTC members want to help preserve the rich history of the Smoketown neighborhood and ensure that current residents have an opportunity to share their “Vision Smoketown” and have a seat at the table when important decisions are made about the future of their neighborhood.

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Vision Smoketown

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 16, 2014

Jessica Bellamy of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth discusses efforts to ensure that the revitalization of the Smoketown neighborhood aligns with the current residents.

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