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Jennifer Vincent

Community Catalyst, City of Penticton and Self! in Penticton Canada

I find writing about-me pieces quite difficult. I am passionate about the things that bring people together - specifically in ways that surprise and delight. I enjoy creating environments that engage, fulfill, and enhance; whether that be in work or play. I've had the good fortune to learn from many teachers who are also friends. I also really like good coffee, food and music.

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Naramata...Naramata...Here we come!

@ VOL 5 ON SEP 08, 2016

Jennifer Vincent intimately invites us on her journey of growing up in the Okanagan, by serendaing the crowd in and out of her presentation with the song her family used to sing on their drive out. The warm of summer and passion that has driven Jennifer and her family's work to make the Okanagan their home dribbles out of the presentation like biting into a fresh peach. Through this passion, one is able to understand how the work of founding their business has truly been worth it.