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Jan Wigmore

Information Management Analyst, New Zealand Transport Agency in Wellington New Zealand

Jan is a Senior Information Management Analyst at the New Zealand Transport Agency. She and her husband Andrew, a primary school principal, have three children. Their youngest son Max (10) has Auditory Processing Disorder and Severe Expressive Language Disorder.

Jan has been using neuroplastic programmes both at home and at school for the past 5 years to improve Max's ability to understand sound and improve his ability to speak and communicate.

Topic: Jan will share her neuroplastic journey with Max, and how the programmes she has used have had an impact on his continuing development. She will explore what needs to be done to make these neuroplastic programmes part of how New Zealand schools ready children for learning.

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Reading the Brain for Learning

@ VOL 30 ON OCT 15, 2016

Jan Wigmore lifts the lid on understanding the functioning of the brain to better help children and adults that may have learning difficulties.

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Wellington @ Old St Paul's
Oct 15, 2016