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J A Ginsburg

writer/producer in Chicago United States

J.A. Ginsburg is an award-winning journalist who has worked in print, digital and broadcast and also curated several touring museum exhibitions. Her interests span microbiology to manufacturing and energy to early childhood education. She is the managing director of a suite of children’s media properties, as well as the founder of editorial practice called Arc.

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Mickey Pallas - Photographer

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Mickey Pallas was rarely without a camera in hand. In the early days, it was a Graflex, the classic Front Page-style press camera that used sheet film measuring 4 x 5 inches. That was replaced by a twin lens reflex Rollei that used roll film measuring a little over 2 inches square. And finally, the revolutionary 35mm Leica, a camera he adored so much that he also collected them. Janet A. Ginsburg tells the fascinating story this iconic Chicago photographer.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 19, 2015.

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PAST Soho House

Chicago @ Soho House
Feb 24, 2015

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Chicago @ Martyrs'
Dec 02, 2014