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Inge Melchior

researcher, Aainda Foundation in Maastricht Netherlands

I am the secretary of Aainda Foundation and in my presentation I will tell you about the dream of our chairwoman, who fled Kabul 15 years ago.

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Parwin's dream

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

Parwin came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Afghanistan 15 years ago. How was her life when she was young and what did she encounter on a daily basis as a young girl?

Inge Melchior shares with us the story of Parwin and of the Aainda Foundation, the foundation she set up to help and empower girls from Afghanistan; the Aainda Foundation also aims to break the social isolation of women from different cultures in Maastricht region.

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Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Feb 29, 2016