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Imanzah Nurhidayat

Founder MakeDoNia Makerspace & Innovation Hub in Jakarta Indonesia

Imanzah Nurhidayat is an initiator of design thinking and innovation strategies of education for employment and sustainable business development. The man who is nicknamed 'Iboy' is an originator of MakeDoNia Makerspace & Innovation Hub, which is a gathering place for creators and also provides access and equipment for the development of innovative products and services in Indonesia. Iboy is also the initiator committe of Taman Gagasan Anak (TaGA) whose mission is to prepare geostrategy by social innovation focused on employment and society. His aspiration is to show the public that large goals can go hand in hand with a high profit. Previously, Iboy has been served as a PR consultant, Music Producer, Curator of Design, as well as handled the content and startup business in the tourism sector.

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@ VOL 24 ON DEC 10, 2015

Speaker Imanzah "Iboy" Nurhidayat shared his view on economic growth, technology innovation, and inequality.