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Griet Menschaert

in Eindhoven Netherlands

People who create, consider creating as a way of thinking. They reflect while they create, on the here and now to which they add their creation. Therefore, the context is present in their result. KONT magazine is a beautiful new cross-disciplinary indiemagazine that wants to introduce makers and their thoughts to a wide audience. It also connects makers to collaborate. KONT helps to see beauty in everyday reality. It is a comforting attachment to regular (slow) journalism. Initiator and Chief Curator Griet Menschaert will talk about the work process of KONT nr 1, made by 30 artists, architects, photographers, students, teachers, a refugee, a blind lady etc.

Photo: Sas Schilten

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Eindhoven @ Temporary Art Centre (TAC)
Sep 07, 2017