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Francesco Cingolani

Co-founder, VOLUMES in Paris France

Francesco Cingolani is a parisian-based designer, thinker and researcher in the fields of architecture, engineering, computational design and digital arts. He promotes a collaborative and procedural approach of the creative process pushing forward the idea of design without boundaries of disciplines. He worked in Paris with Hugh Dutton Associés integrating structural engineering into architecture and design, in Madrid with Ecosistema Urbano on urban co-design process based on digital tools and social networks, he collaborated in Paris and in Berlin with artist Tomás Saraceno at the boundaries of art and science. In 2014 he founded VOLUMES, a coworking and makerspace based in Paris run by a community of transdisciplinar designers and change-makers. VOLUMES hosts events, companies and projects investigating the fields of collaborative economy, smart cities, computational design, digital manufacturing and food design. Since 2015, he works as director of DESIGN by DATA, an Advanced Master program in Computational Design, Digital Manufacturing and Building Technologies opening in Paris in September 2016.

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Collaboration and Food Innovation

@ VOL 29 ON DEC 06, 2016

Francesco Cingolani, co-founder of Volumes Coworking, speaks about the concept and approach of Volumes to facilitate short and longer term developments in the field of food innovation from a foundation of exchange and collaboration.

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Paris @ VOLUMES coworking
Dec 06, 2016