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Ferid Sanaa

Student , Atelier touverre in Chicoutimi Canada

I acquired throughout my life a sensitivity compared to all that refers to arts and the human one; what pushed me to choose the studies that I currently undertake in digital Arts. I am interested particularly in the analysis of the image in the fields of the graphic Design and of Art amongst other things in the field of publicity, the film, the video assembly, special effects etc… My vision of art and the graphic design is directed mainly towards simplicity, the originality and the professional result.
The fact of being general-purpose enables me to answer the projects according to the tools used, and to extend my scope.
My professional experience enabled me to answer artistic projects, computer graphics of multimedia and design of the object grace my passion to handle the objects in the phases of design in workshop and on computer.
It is important to differentiate what is art compared to the design: these are two fields which can be exploited with complementarity according to the required projects. The relevance of my experiments enabled me to be general-purpose in graphic Design, video assembly and interdisciplinarity in Article.
I im passion myself for all the fields even those which are not my competences so that I can bring one in professional environment more.

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First Timing


His first animation, his first digital graffiti, his first time coding, his first video game, his first animated character, his first short film, his first time working with nudity, his first performance- in his presentation, Ferid Sanaa talks about the experiences he has had working for the first time with different types of media.

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PAST Arts Numériques

Chicoutimi @ Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Mar 20, 2014