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Erin Allen

Intern Architect, Chiba Manabu Architects in Tokyo Japan

Through exploration and discussion of past projects and experiences, Erin along with Hamid examines the notion of architecture as a powerful tool to unify communities and incite positive social change. They discuss how they have come to see the role of architecture in local communities and around the world.

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Re-Unify through Architecture

@ VOL 149 ON JUL 26, 2017

Canadian architects, Erin and Hamid, have spent many years examining the powerful effect of architecture over local communities and around the world. This PechaKucha night, they have flown all the way across the Pacific ocean to share with us how architecture can unite communities and incite positive social changes!

カナダ人建築家のErin and Hamidさんは長年にわたって、世界各地のコミュニティで建築が地域に与える効果を検証してきました。 今回のPechaKucha Nightでは、彼らは太平洋を越えて、建築がいかにコミュニティを結びつけ、積極的に社会変化を後押しできるかを教えてくださいます!

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jul 26, 2017