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Diana Mehrez

Architect, Photographer in Beirut Lebanon

I am a recently graduated architect and self-taught photographer. I have been in the photography industry for a few years now, participating in mostly local and sometimes international collective exhibitions, with mentions and publications in the press along the way. My architectural background has influenced my vision and carved my photographic identity. What inspires me are mostly cities, buildings, and also the way humans interact with their urban environment. I always use an aesthetic and fine art approach even when my subject changes.

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Framing Cities

@ VOL 24 ON JAN 20, 2016

In honor of World Cities Day

"Each city in the world has an identity of its own."

In "Framing Cities" from PechaKucha Night Beirut Vol. 24, Speaker Diana Mehrez's background in architecture plays an important role in how she perceives and captures cities around the world. In her talk, she explains her process and what catches her eye.

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Beirut @ Metropolis Empire Sofil
Jan 20, 2016