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Chad Boetger

Architect, BarberMcMurry architects in Knoxville United States

I am the Vice President & Director of Design for the region's oldest architecture firm, BarberMcMurry architects. My work focuses on providing modern and functional design solutions for a wide variety of project types.

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An Architect's Own Home

@ VOL 25 ON NOV 16, 2017

Chad Boetger explores the challenges and opportunities inherent in modern residential design. He explains from first-hand experiences of an architect designing and building a home for him and his family. 
Chad explores in his discussion issues of lifestyle, home size, materiality, energy efficiency, and construction cost in his projects and how those choices impacted the design of a modern residence overlooking the Holston River in Knoxville, Tennessee. 
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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Nov 16, 2017