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Calder Greenwood

artist in Los Angeles United States

Calder has been making art his whole life, in various mediums: narrative film, music videos, shorts, street art, cardboard statues, halloween costumes, sets and props.
He's a director, writer, production designer, propmaker, set builder, model maker, and VFX artist.
He lives in downtown Los Angeles with his guard dog, A1334462, among his many creations.

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The Cardboard Artist

@ VOL 150 ON SEP 27, 2017

"When you start to open up these household items that you kind of forget about, suddenly, you find these really cool parts you can recycle."

In The Cardboard Artist from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 150,  Director, writer, production designer, props-maker, set builder, modelmaker, and VFX artist Calder Greenwood talks about his unique art pieces made mostly from recycled materials.

Calder lives in downtown Los Angeles with his guard dog, A1334462.

ディレクター、ライター、プロダクションデザイナー、小道具メーカー、セットメーカー、モデルメーカー、VFXアーティストと多数の肩書きを持つCalder Greenwoodさんは、主にリサイクル材料で作られた多くの作品に囲まれながら、番犬A1334462と一緒にロサンゼルスのダウンタウンで暮らしています。リサイクルと芸術の生涯にわたる融合を体験しに、ぜひPKNに遊びにきてください!

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Sep 27, 2017