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Bob Duncan

Founder of IxDA Winnipeg, Imaginet in Winnipeg Canada

Bob Duncan, User Experience Architect, husband, father and dog owner, currently works for Imaginet Resources Corp. He was born, raised, and resides in small town Manitoba. Throughout his career, Bob has worked with some of the top brands in the province; including MTS, the Winnipeg Free Press, CBC, Milt Stegall, Cindy Klassen, and The Dufresne Group. He recently established the Interaction Design Association of Winnipeg, with hopes of increasing local Interaction Design talent and optimal job performance.

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Enriching UX in Design

@ VOL 15 ON SEP 12, 2013

Bob Duncan dicusses the importance of user experience designers in making excellent products that connect people with technology. He hopes to create a greater awarness to user experience design through the jumpstart of IXDA in Winnipeg in order to create mentorship, business efficiency, collaboration, and networking. 

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Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
Sep 12, 2013