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Arun Sharma

Technical Manager, Telecommunications & ICT Domain in Aachen Germany

Born and brought up in India,Chandigarh. Moved to Aachen Germany in 2012. Currently working as Technical Manager in Telecommunications Company in Germany. Have diverse experience in IT and Telecom (Design and Development, Operations, Selling, Supporting and Delivering products globally). Startups, Garage kind of setup, and Inner Engineering are the topics what excites me.

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Surviving change: the story of an India family in Germany

@ VOL 34 ON JAN 30, 2018

Arun Sharma was born and raised in India, Chandigarh. He moved to Aachen, Germany, in 2012. Arun shares his experiences of being away from his home country and the challenges of bringing up two young Indian kids in a new country. 

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Maastricht @ Tapijn Brasserie
Jan 30, 2018