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Anthony Bannwart


The transitive nature of each whole, the recognition of time, the definition of actions and objects, the opposite poles, the oscillation of points of view at play in each project, and the vernacular dialogue between the interdisciplinary parts are what define Anthony Bannwart's practice. Born in the Swiss Jura town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Anthony Bannwart studied art and jewelry in Germany, and fine art (film & video) at Central St. Martins College in London. He dedicated the last six years to evolutive, transitive, interdisciplinary art projects and has been exhibited in London, Geneva, Stockholm, Seoul, Hanoi, Sofia, Budapest, Paris, New York, and Washington DC. In 2003, he started the ongoing participative project 'TEMPOGRAPHY – conceptual video art project', first shown in 200 buses in London and Birmingham, and lately featured during 'Nuit Blanche 2011' in Paris. In 2006, Anthony Bannwart directed an ambitious project “A SES PARENTS – variations autour de Le Corbusier” in two Le Corbusier's houses in Switzerland, with the noteworthy participation of Louise Bourgeois. The project articulated notions of voluntary exile, offering, counter-offering, and architecture. In 2010, he began showing his “RESILIENCE” installation project in Europe and in the U.S. Since 2012, Anthony Bannwart concentrates on a new series of visual artworks using new techniques and materials. In an attempt to continue his long standing interest to bridge different disciplines and the international network that he has built over the years, he joined as a participant and ambassador the Swiss Creative Center, an organization that encourages constructive and fluent communication among local creative professionals through talks, seminars, and a Fab Lab. (

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Hanoi @ Work Room Four
Oct 24, 2013