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Andrew Hickman

Visionary Home Designer and Builder, New Earth Homes, LLC in Royston United States

Andy Hickman was born and raised in Decatur, GA and attended Georgia State University and Mercer University Atlanta for International Finance and an MBA respectively. From 2000-2001 he served as a Peace Corps in Honduras as a small business development volunteer helping woman's group business micro-enterprises. After being unsatisfied with the corporate environment, he started his own business in the construction industry from 2005-2008 making homes more energy efficient with spray foam insulation and the company still thrives today even though he is no longer involved. Following his passion for sustainability, he took off for Taos New Mexico in 2009 to learn how to build Earthships, radically sustainable off-the-grid homes that in most cases are not "building permittable" due to their use of tires and cans as foundation walls. In 2009 upon his return to GA, he began taking what he learned in Taos and working with a local architect to design a model that IS permittable to build everywhere by using standard building materials. New Earth Homes LLC was created in 2011. Andrew Hickman designs and builds off-the-grid homes that interact with nature: the sun, wind, rain, and earths' thermal mass. These homes recycle water and use grey water to feed interior edible landscapes and also to flush the toilets. Andy Hickman now lives in Royston, GA, 35 minutes north of Athens,GA, where he is finishing his model home, Northeast Georgia Earth Home.

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Passion Project: Northeast Georgia Earth Home

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Andrew Hickman has developed and built a completely sustainable home for his family using solar, geo-thermal, rain-water collection, and house postion. His passion is living sustainably and he has built a home according to this passion. 

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Atlanta @ Octane - Westside
May 18, 2014