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Ana Luiza Gomes is graduate in Graphic design, postgraduate in Fashion Design and specialized in Curating of Contemporary Art. She has worked over 10 years at design agencies with projects related to Art and Culture. For the last 3 years, she has worked as Brazilian design and art researcher and was the Curator Assistant of Biennial Brazilian Design 2015.

Andarilha (Wanderer) is a content platform and research dedicated to translate the everyday of Brazil into creative insights. Our mission is to register, preserve and disseminate the stories of people who create inspired by their own culture. People who we like to call Wanderers.

Wanderers live the path, the route, the way, the road. They seek in their family stories, inspiration; in their own culture, reference; in their life's path, motivation to create.

Brazilians have a tendency to always look overseas for inspiration, this project aims to promote inspiration from inside. Through a network of 5 people, one in each region of Brazil, we research what is there in the Brazilian culture that can be a good resource for innovation, sustainability and creativity. Therefore, we are wanderers, looking at our traditional and popular art and cultural expressions as a powerful inspiration to innovate.

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Project Andarilha


"Design is an instrument to tell stories, connect people, and to translate the everyday."

In Project Andarilha from Tokyo's Brazilian Lifestyle Powered by PechaKucha, graphic designer Ana Luiza Gomes Pereira dedicates herself to researching Brazil's traditional art and culture and in doing so, she launched a project called Andarilha, a content research and curating online platform that aims to register, preserve, and disseminate the stories of rural people who create inspired-by Brazilian culture. The goal is to identify modern "Andarilhas", artists who are inspired by their own rode's life story, those who look at culture and heritage with very contemporary eyes. Having herself lived all over rural Brazil, she believes these people and their stories have the ability to unite creative manifestations from all corners of Brazil.

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PAST Brazilian Lifestyle Powered by PechaKucha

Tokyo @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Sep 16, 2015