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Table XI Channel

Table XI is a custom software development firm based in Chicago, and is the web development team behind the newly launched website. "Table Talks" is a recurring series of PechaKucha-style lightning talks held over lunch at our office. The event is designed to foster idea exchange, collaboration and learning, and features a lineup of top-notch entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and storytellers from Chicago and beyond.

Celia Yu
Project manager, About Asia in Chengdu
BUZZ website repair
websiterepairbuzz, Website Repair in Kelowna


May 16, 2009


Denver @ Buntport Theater
Jul 21, 2009


Tel Aviv @ Hangar 11
Sep 29, 2009


Dubai @ The Third Line
May 26, 2010


Bielefeld @ Verve Bielefeld
Jun 06, 2012


Auckland @ Ironbank
Apr 23, 2013


Hilversum @ de Vorstin
Mar 19, 2015


Cairns @ Tanks Arts Centre
Jun 17, 2015


Chicago @ Martyrs'
Mar 06, 2018

20 SEP


Utrecht @ Louis Hartlooper Complex

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Inspiring Dilemmas

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 06, 2011

Marc Teer explains his inspiration behind creating the website Black Spectacles and founding the Un-Competition Project. He details his hopes and aspirations for how both projects will help and inspire the design and architecture communities. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 11, 2013. 


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Awesome Museum and Cultural Websites

@ VOL 6 ON MAY 16, 2013

Marcia Mayper, of The Cultured Web company, takes us through some of her favorite cultural websites. From museum sleep ins to rice donation, Marcia's websites provide interesting events and services for culture lovers of all ages!

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Get Boosted for the Arts

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 17, 2013

Simon Bowden and Bryna O'Brien discuss their plans for Boosted, a new crowdfunding website for the arts in New Zealand. They talk about how they got the funding for boosted, what the arts foundation in New Zealand does, and projects that were on the website when Boosted launched in March 2013.


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Shadows of the Survivors

@ VOL 107 ON OCT 30, 2013

When the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima, people's shadows were permanently scorched in to their surroundings. Rikako Nagashima and her team contacted 23 survivors and took copies of their shadows. They then placed these shadows around Hiroshima as a memorial and to spread awareness of what happened. From Peace Shadow Project's website we can see where these survivors were, hear their stories, and leave them a personal message. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on December 11, 2013.

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Planet Wow

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 04, 2014

Gerrino Mulder introduces a new project: the launching of an 'experimental oasis' called Planet Wow. This is a place for people to get inspired, explore beauty, relax, love and create. This is a place where people are free to do absolutely nothing too. No address or website exist, but Gerrino assures that Planet Wow is open and welcoming to those who can find it. 

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Keeping Up with the Wind

@ VOL 116 ON JUL 30, 2014

After happening upon a website that displayed the United States' wind patterns visually one day, Cameron Beccario set out to do something even grander. Months of research and tinkering later, and after finding numerous sources of up-to-date weather data, he had created Earth: an animated map of global wind and weather. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 15, 2014. 

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@ VOL 121 ON JAN 28, 2015

Trent McBride and Tao Romera Martinez introduce us to a service they developed (Tadaku) to help people experience real homecooking, but they start off by sharing a series of fun food trivia that will leave you surprised.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 27, 2015.

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The Weird World of Corals

@ VOL 10 ON DEC 03, 2015

Charlie Veron has travelled the world studying corals. He will introduce his giant website, give glimpses of troubled times and conclude with interesting coral quirks

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What do we actually know about Google's algorithm

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 16, 2017

The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic that comes to your website. That means it's worth money to be at the top, which requires Search Engine optimization (SEO). But how many SEO rules of thumb are proven? Eagan Heath will share interesting case studies to provide some insight on this matter in What do we actually know about Google's algorithm.

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@ VOL 5 ON MAR 06, 2018

Nicole Van Den Eng is a bookseller, writer, reader, editor, collector, and marketer. She is the co-founder of the website ConquerBooks and an advocate for the depth that books bring to culture. The title of her talk is 'Bibliomania.'


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PKN Santiago in Space

PechaKucha Night is set to launch in Santiago tomorrow night (April 30), and if that city's website for the event is anything to go by, it should be quite "spatial."

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Vancouver Tweets PKN Loudly is a website that lets you see "what people are twittering about in your city." What's on top in Vancouver right now? That would be none other than PechaKucha, sitting pretty in anticipation of that city's upcoming Vol. 6 next week (May 21). If you were still hoping to get tickets, you're too late -- the event is already sold out.

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Yuta Sugihara

Artist Yuta Sugihara was a presenter at last month's PechaKucha in Tokyo Vol. 63, and we like how he's collected photos of him giving his presentation -- they are all posted in this Flickr photoset. Make sure to visit the multi-disciplinary artist's website to see more of his varied works.

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Poster for PKN Nagoya Vol. 3

Nagoya will have its third PechaKucha Night on February 6, to be held at Hotoris. The list of presenters is already up on the official event page, and includes web links to each presenter's website.


Where to Watch?

For anyone still not sure about where you'll be able to follow the live stream of the "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" tomorrow (February 20), you'll be able to do so from the front page of this very site. As we are supported by Ustream -- who is making sure that the stream will be able to handle the high number of people we're expecting to check in -- the stream will also be featured on the front page of the Ustream website. But even better for those of you not at home when it all happens, you'll be able to follow the entire broadcast on your iPhone and Android phone, using the free Ustream Viewer Application.

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Poster for PKN Cluj-Napoca Vol. 2

The next PechaKucha Night in Cluj-Napoca (Vol. 2) will happen later this month (October 27) at Havana. If you'd like more info on upcoming events from PKN Cluj-Napoca in Romanian, organizers have launched a new website.

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PKE at the University of Lethbridge

We don't cover them regularly here, and they don't all get added to the section devoted to them on the PechaKucha website, but we do in fact support one-off PechaKucha events (PKE), as a way of allowing events to be held using the PK 20x20 format outside of the context of the regular PechaKucha Nights (which are city-based, and focus on creatives). The poster above was for a recent one at the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

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Welcome to the NEW PechaKucha Website

If you're a regular visitor to the PechaKucha site, then yes, things are a bit different as of today. If today is the first time you visit the site -- and the PechaKucha Daily Blog -- then welcome! We've been working hard on this latest iteration of the PechaKucha website -- our 4th or 5th version of the site -- and we're still working hard at making sure everything works correctly and behaves like it should. But we're certainly happy to be able to share this new phase in the PechaKucha adventure, and there's lots more to come! Over the coming weeks, on top of our regular posts that cover the latest happenings in the world of PechaKucha, we'll also be highlighting some of the new features and new sections of the site, so stay tuned.

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Presenting at tomorrow's "Powered by PechaKucha" event at the Heineken Star Lounge in Harajuku will be Hiroyuki Ono of At its core it's a web magazine that covers eco-related projects in Japan, but it's also an NGO that innovates with projects of its own.地球に優しいエコな活動を応援するウェブマガジン「」。副編集長の小野裕之さんの多種多様なプロジェクト、アイディアをお楽しみに。

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Kyoto Podcast No.7 - Michael Whittle

  Podcast No.7 - Vol. 20 speaker Michael Whittle takes us on a wild intellectual journey on the age-old dynamic of art vs. science. Join us for an enlightening conversation on diagrams, art, science, semiotics, and more! Hosted by Eric Luong and Sagar Patel PodcastMichael Whittle website