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Mar 23, 2010


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Feb 20, 2010


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Apr 16, 2011


Cork @ Crane Lane Theatre
Apr 20, 2011


Funchal @ Auditório da Reitoria, Universidade da Madeira
Apr 16, 2011


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Apr 16, 2011


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Apr 16, 2011


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Apr 16, 2011


Jun 03, 2011


Coventry @ The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin Vaults
Oct 04, 2013

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Rebuilding After the 2004 Tsunami

@ VOL 12 ON DEC 01, 2009

Amanda takes us through her experiences helping to rebuild Thailand after the 2004 “Boxing Day” Indian Ocean tsunami. She offers invaluable insights and experience.

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The Samoan Experience

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 05, 2010

Experiences from rebuilding after the tsunami which hit the islands on the 29th September 2009. Some great lessons: water and local help! The first PecahKucha take place in Raglan on 4th March PechaKucha Raglan No1

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Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

@ VOL 83 ON JUN 29, 2011

Curator Miwa Worrall covers the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale's past, present and future (the next edition will be held in 2012), and details the Echigo-Tsumari Art Net Disaster Relief and Reconstruction project.
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Volunteering & Rebuilding in Fukushima

@ VOL 84 ON JUL 27, 2011

Russian student Evgeny Latypov offers his take on the aftermath of the Fukushima meltdown, and compares it to Chernobyl. He discusses his struggles in finding an organization to assist in the recovery of Japan's most seriously radiation-affected region.

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Build Back Better Tohoku

ON FEB 19, 2013

In this special presentation, Architecture for Humanity's Michael Steiner offers up an update on the work the organization has accomplished in Tohoku so far -- following the devastating earthquake/tsunami of 2011 -- and on what is needed next.

You'll find more information on Architecture for Humanity's current projects here.

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After the Indonesian Tsunami

@ VOL 15 ON OCT 04, 2013

Atma Singh recounts through photography his experiences visiting Sri Lanka after the Indonesian tsunami. In particular, he took pictures of the kids he found in a former capital city where 60% of the population died.

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Playgrounds and Stools

@ VOL 108 ON NOV 06, 2013

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham present two of their team's projects. One is an indoor playground for kids in the tsunami-destroyed region of eastern Japan. The other is a sea of stools, designed to look like grass, for Artek's elephant in Ginza. (In Japanese)

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Seeds of Growth in Tohoku

@ VOL 114 ON MAY 28, 2014

Mai Akiyoshi describes her time in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi after it was devastated by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Through helping the locals renovate and revitalize their shops and businesses, she fell in love with the relentless strength of the city's community.

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Brewing with a Purpose

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

Kota Kobayashi decided as a child that one day he'd brew his own beer. Many years later, and inspired by the recent natural disasters in Japan, he created Ippon Matsu Beer. His One Pine Tree beer received massive donations from all over the world which he has used to help small business owners with disaster relief in Japan. Don't get ready, get started!

"Presentation of the Day" on June 8, 2015.

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Volunteering in Tohoku: 6 Years Later


"Wherever I looked I saw destruction, but what I also saw was hope in the eyes of those who survived."

In Volunteering in Tohoku: 6 Years Later, Cristina Marie Deane shares her story of volunteering in the Miyagi prefecture following the devastating events of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Volunteering turned out to be not only an enlightening and fulfilling experience for Cristina but it also changed the course of her life. 

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Poster for PKN Bemidji Vol. 6

Here's another case of even though it's already June 3 here in Japan, you may still have time if you see this to go out and catch PechaKucha Night in Bemidji Vol. 6, happening June 2 at the New City Ballroom -- see the list of presenters on the official event page. And connecting to our Inspire Japan efforts, organizer Samantha Nienow tells us that one of the presenters is from Japan, and will be talking about the tsunami and recovery efforts.

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PKN Sendai Vol. 1

We should have more photos to share soon, but here's a first peek at this past Saturday's PechaKucha Night in Sendai Vol. 1, which had both Mark Dytham (with his arm raised in the photo above) and Astrid Klein (to Mark's right) in attendance, as well as a few representatives from Architecture for Humanity, our Inspire Japan partners. Sendai is in one of the regions hardest hit by this year's earthquake and tsunami, and that first PKN was actually supposed to happen back in April, but was postponed because of the ongoing recovery.

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Poster for PKN Aleppo Vol. 5

Aleppo will have its PechaKucha Night Vol. 5 on March 11 -- a special date for us here in Japan as it marks the anniversary of last year's earthquake and tsunami, which led to our Inspire Japan efforts. The event will be held at Nadwet Al-Shahba, and you'll find more details here.

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Art for Post-Tsunami Recovery, Concbots in Dubai, and a Promo for Genoa

Presentations Our first presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 93) covers three exhibition projects that Kate Thomson and Hironori Katagiri produced to support post-tsunami recovery. "Postcards From Japan" is an exhibition of A5-sized artworks by 22 Tohoku artists touring the world, so far shown in Edinburgh, New York, London, and Birmingham. "Postcards To Japan" includes over 470 works sent from all over the world to tour Tohoku, first shown at the Iwate Museum of Art, currently on show at Fukushima Museum of Art, next going to Minami Soma Museum and more informal venues along the coast of Tohoku. "TOHOKU-SCOTLAND" is an exhibition of sculpture, paintings, collage and prints by Scottish artists who took part in the Iwate Art Festival UK98 and artists from Tohoku shown in Edinburgh, UK. Vikram Divecha is an artist and advertising professional based in Dubai. In his presentation (from PKN Dubai Vol. 11), he shares with us his recent artistic project, Concbots, which has been inspired by Dubai and its ever-increasing levels of construction and urbanization. Posters and video Malaga's very first PKN is set for September -- the city is so new its city page on our site hasn't been activated yet -- and the poster above acts at a call to participate. The one of the additions today on our Tumblr blog, along with a poster for last week's PKN Risor Vol. 2. Below, a video promo for this Sunday's PKN Genoa Vol. 3. Photos We have two photo galleries to share today, with the two photos you see above taken at the recent PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25 -- we sure love that giant screen they used to project the presentations.PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 25 [Blue Vertigo]PKN Winnipeg Vol. 5 [Flickr] Above, a few photos from the South Florida Gay News (Volume 3, Issue 26) for last week's PKN Miami Vol. 16, which revolved around the exhibition "GRAPHIC INTERVENTION - 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985–2010." Calendar First, a reminder of what to expect tonight (June 29): PKN Edinburgh Vol. 18, PKN Fort Worth Vol. 6, PKN Wellington Vol. 14, PKN Gainesville Vol. 4, and PKN Springfield, Ohio Vol. 4. We're looking at a big Saturday night as well, with the following events on tap: PKN Taipei Vol. 20, PKN Innsbruck Vol. 1, PKN Dunedin Vol. 14, PKN Ginowan Vol. 9, PKN Vaduz Vol. 11, and PKN Seattle Vol. 38. And don't forget PKN Genoa Vol. 3 on Sunday!

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2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Eight years ago today the "Boxing Day" Indian Ocean Tsunami hit the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. This great presentation looks at the process of rebuilding. For more stories on reconstruction efforts, you can visit the ArchiAid Channel and Inspire Japan Channel -- both include presentations covering work done following last year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami -- and the Haiti Reconstruction Channel, covering rebuilding efforts in Haiti and elsewhere.

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Knit Danshi

In our "Presentation of the Day" for this Friday, Bernd Kestler talks about hand-knitting beaded bags from the Art Deco period. You can also visit Bernd's "Knit for Japan" site, a project he developed to support vicitims of the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami.

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For our final "Presentation of the Day" of the week, we hand the mic over to Brian Scott Peterson, who introduces the "Photohoku" project, which involves bringing photographers to the Tohoku region, to help create new photo memories for those who were affected by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami.

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Heroes of Wood, Glass, Steel

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Heroes of Wood, Glass, Steel" from the Global Night edition of PKN Tokyo (Vol. 106), Keiji Ashizawa shows off some of his amazing work with steel and aluminum, as well as the lighting, wood, and glasswork of those he collaborates with. Keiji discusses his metalworking career, his group of industrious glass and wood-working friends, and the structures and furniture he built for those in the tsunami-affected area of Ishinomaki, Japan.

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Seeking God through Instagram

“We are bacteria. We’re building concrete fungi on this speck of dust — and that’s what we call civilization.” Halik Azeez traced who he is today back to a string of events that occurred 10 years ago. In “Seeking God Through Instagram” from PKN Colombo Vol. 4 he discusses the tsunami that took away everything he owned, whereby he found himself confronted with an existential crisis.

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Tohoku Focus: Home-For-All

This week we put the PechaKucha Focus on Tohoku, the earthquake and tsunami effected region of northeastern Japan, and specifically on a rebuilding project deserves highlighting - renowned Architect Toyo Ito's Home-for-All NPO initiative. Thus far, his collective of architects have built 14 community centers, across the region, pro-bono, and with whole-heartedness and imagination, including this one in Soma by PechaKucha Founders, Klein Dytham Architecture.