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The Architecture of Entitlement

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

In a whirlwind PechaKucha presentation, architect Emma Fuller discusses a history of language and the city plan - how entitlement has created a new architectural tool for the powerful to dismantle the collective and empower the singular. See examples from Mussolini to Trump in this 20x20 !

Emma Fuller is an associate with Diane Lewis Architect PC and teaches architectural history and theory at Pratt Institute. She received her degree from the Cooper Union. Her work addresses architecture as art and memory. This is expanded upon in published essays, exhibitions and architectural projects including the "Richmond as a Work of Art" series, the IPA fellowship, the Green Ward and Michelangelo-La Tourette papers, and the Nebo House.


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Elinor Thomas
Student in Worcester
Judith Paine McBrien
Archives Answers Director, HistoryIT in Chicago
Carol Paine
Manager in Herndon
Hayley Thomas
Teacher, Mother of good counsel in Milwaukee
Kim Paine
Manager, Direct Electricians Sun City West in Sun City West
Paine Tomz
Manager in Kirkland


Seattle @ See Sound Lounge
Dec 05, 2006


Stockholm @ Stockholm Furniture fair 2007
Feb 07, 2007


Stockholm @ Berns Night Club
Sep 24, 2007


Vancouver @ Vogue Theatre
Jan 31, 2013


Nantes @ Eglise Ste Madeleine
Apr 09, 2013

PAST Ubud 20x20 VOL 7

Ubud @ Betel Nut
Apr 23, 2013


Salzburg @ ARGEkultur SAAL
Jun 05, 2014


Hawkes Bay @ Magdalinos Room, Havelock North Community Centre
Jun 17, 2014


Denver @ The ART HOTEL
Jul 07, 2016


Hamptons @ Parrish Art Museum
Mar 16, 2018

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Being an Engineer - Making Things Stand Up

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2010

Darren Paine about his work as an engineer, working with architects, the earthquakes and the questions he ask himself: Why are we designing these things? What is their function?

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Architecture in Nature

@ VOL 26 ON FEB 08, 2011

Swedish architect Thomas Sandell presents his works, which are inspired by his homeland's lakes, woods and light.

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Saint Thomas Five

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 31, 2012

Eva Štybrava is the founder of a group of painters called the Saint Thomas Five. Her presentation offers up a selection of their works, as well as revealing their process. (in Czech)

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Save the Children

@ VOL 13 ON SEP 05, 2013

A strong believer in the idea that action matters is Venezuelean lawyer Ronald Thomas Graterol. He talks about the importance of improving conditions for children all over the world, and how you can contribute with your time through volunteer work for Save the Children.

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Coaching – Schafe im Hörsal


Wie quetscht man 30 Schafe in einen Hörsaal, den es noch gar nicht gibt? Und wo findet man eigentlich einen bösen Wolf? Und wie entsteht aus dieser märchenhaft-abstrusen Kombination ein spektakuläres Foto für ein Wissenschaftsmagazin? Die Antworten gibt’s im Vortrag des Fotografen, Autors und Entertainers Thomas Herbrich.

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How Very Intimate


Thomas Klassnik gives various examples of what it is to use the toilet. It is a very personal and self serving room. To take the toilet and make it not only personal for yourself, but with others as well. Bringing the outside in, and the toilet to the table, it allows more chance to be intimate with everything and everyone around you, and let the world be intimate with you. 

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A Canadian's Christmas in Coventry (with apologies to Dylan Thomas)

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 16, 2014

Dr. William Rupp discusses a failed Christmas in Coventry and how we cope with a dusting of snow.

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Dead Focused. Learning to Live

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 25, 2017

Tania Thomas speaks about living in a world where fear of dying suppresses our ability to live completely, authentically and with passion. 

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@ VOL 32 ON JAN 12, 2018

Das Geheimnis guter Reden und guter Vorträge liegt darin, dass nicht nur Zahlen, Daten und Fakten präsentiert werden, sondern dass die Vortragenden es schaffen die Präsentation in eine Geschichte einzuweben, oder eine Geschichte in die Präsentation zu bringen. Thomas Maile erklärt wie das funktioniert und warum das so ist. 

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PechaKucha Volk

We may not be able to read it, but we know that a lot of you can -- due to the long-running success of PechaKucha Nights in Germany -- and so here's some nice PKN-related coverage from Designervolk. Thanks go out to PKN Aalen organizer Thomas Maile for the heads-up.

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Scott Thomas

As we've mentioned, the "PechaKucha for Haiti" efforts continue all this month, as we upload as many presentations as we can to the site to help raise money for the cause. One of the latest additions is this one, presented at the Chicago/Champaign-Urbana PechaKucha event on the 20th of last month, featuring Scott Thomas talking about how he helped design Obama's campaign. So instead of going out for a coffee, sit down for a few minutes and enjoy Scott's presentation, and then pitch in a few dollars to the reconstruction efforts.

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Darren Paine

Leeds was one of the cities that had an event during the "Global PechaKucha Night in Haiti" back in February, and last week we posted a few presentations from that evening, which you'll find here. Pictured in this post is an image from a presentation by Darren Paine, an engineer who talks about working with architects, and questioning the work itself: Why are we designing these things? What is their function?

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Thomas Maile

The first presentation we highlight on the blog this week comes to us in German from PechaKucha Night in Aalen Vol. 1, featuring that city's organizer, Thomas Maile, talking about "Kreativitat in der Krise."


People Love the Format!

We often get messages from organizers following their PechaKucha Nights, sometimes as a full report that appears on the blog, or sometimes just a few short words to say that things went well. We did get a kick out of PKN Taos organizer Matthew Thomas message, following last week's PKN Taos Vol. 2: Event #2 was a complete success! Sold out, max capacity and they had to turn people away. PEOPLE LOVE THE FORMAT!

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Poster for PKN Waterville Vol. 6

PechaKucha Night in Waterville Vol. 6 is set for January 20, and yes, it is the state of Maine and we're in the middle of winter, so there is a snow date of January 21. It will be held at Thomas College's Student Commons, and you'll find the full list of presenters on the official event page.

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Walking through Japan

Swiss native and travel agent living in Japan Thomas Koehler was devastated both mentally and financially by the 2011 earthquake disaster, and took the inititive to create his own project to raise awareness and show his love for Japan. In "Walking through Japan" from a very special Swiss PechaKucha Night edition of PKN Tokyo, listen to this endearing story of his struggles and his experiences with friendly natives as he walked for 5 months straight from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Thomas' walk of the length of the island nation was made into a documentary, "Negative: Nothing" and has been screened throughout Europe and Japan

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Illustrating PKN Orlando

What does a PechaKucha Night in Orlando look like, illustrated? We've got the answer right here with this lovely piece by Thomas Thorspecken. See more examples of his work as well as very detailed rundown of the event (Vol. 12) he participated in here.

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The Charming Town of Aalen

“But sometimes we Germans are a bit crazy, we allow everyone to drive very very fast. My job is to tell them not to do this.” PechaKucha Night Aalen, Germany City Organizer Thomas Maile is also a police officer. In “The Charming Town of Aalen” from a very special edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 123 set during the PechaKucha Pow Wow 2015 Organizer Summit, Thomas shares with us his story of becoming a PechaKucha Organizer, as well as some of the finer points of German culture.

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PechaKucha People: Thomas Maile

Our PechaKucha Person of the week is a man of many hats, Thomas Maile. In addition to being the PKN Aalen's higly-motivated City Organizer since 2009, he's also a highly creative police officer, preacher, and performer, known for infusing unconventional creativity not only into PKN, but also in road traffic, church, and theatre!