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Skin Equality

@ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

Sonny Ganaden is a printmaker, writer, and a lawyer. His talk is on skin and race as a sociological creation and the application of critical race theory to art as a way to deconstruct institutional racism and advocate for equality.

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Los Locos

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 16, 2013

During a lecture Sergio Garzon gave at the Pacific Health Conference in 2012,
he came across the idea that art therapy is a gentle, free and an evident cure for many mental illnesses, specially those dealing with social-dynamics. His “Los Local” presentation focuses on using art as a form of free health therapy on the streets.

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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser

@ VOL 23 ON APR 10, 2015

Marika Emi has a BFA in Printmaking and BA in Women’s Studies from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her practice includes both studio-based components and public community projects. She talks tonight about ruminations, research, reactions and responses to Hawaii’s longtime English-language print newspaper, The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, and its ongoing role in the promotion of advertisement, development, and Western interest in the islands.

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Alder St. Workshops

@ VOL 26 ON MAR 11, 2016

David Randall works primarily in printmaking and sculpture using dark themes tied to social and economic status. He is currently a teaching artist at the Honolulu Museum of Art and a teaching assistant at the University of Hawaii at Manoa printmaking studio. David's talk will touch on The Honolulu Printmakers and the Hale Hilina’i aka Alder St. Facility, collaborated to create a printmaking workshop for at risk youth. 

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Printing in Rural India

@ VOL 26 ON MAR 11, 2016

Denise Karabinus will share several innovative collaborative projects generated during this first ever community art residency in rural India. Gram - means - Village. and the Art Residency aimed to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for artists in diverse fields to work side by side with artisans, children and residents in rural India with the purpose of creating small lasting changes in the community.

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.5 ppi Project

@ VOL 26 ON MAR 11, 2016

"The system is based on modular wood blocks, and it's intended for anyone to be able to access it. So people of all ages and all backgrounds can be quickly instructed in how to make a print like this."

In .5 ppi Project from PechaKucha Night Honolulu - Vol. 26Duncan Dempster introduced .5 ppi Project. .5ppi is an ongoing endeavor that generates collaboratively produced prints and installations revolving around the performative, reproductive, and repetitive aspects of printing and print culture. .5ppi means one half pixel per inch, which refers to the image resolution of the first .5ppi project. Duncan Dempster is a Honolulu-based artist and educator and is the executive director of Honolulu Printmakers.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, June 9th, 2016.

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Carving Clarity

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 17, 2017

A Pennsylvania native residing on the North Shore of O‘ahu since 2008, Steven Kean is an artist working primarily in the woodcut method of relief printmaking.  His work is driven by a passion for the process and a love affair with the ocean.

Kean holds a B.S. in Art Education from Temple University and is a current member of the Honolulu Printmakers.  He teaches art to 4th and 5th grade students at Mililani Mauka and Sunset Beach Elementary Schools, and in the Museums outreach program.

In 2016 he was chosen as the featured artist of the Haleiwa Arts Festival and this year he is the official artist for the Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach

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Animation Inspiration

@ VOL 30 ON MAY 05, 2017

"Our heritage gives life to our spirit." 

Socks, booze, family, landscapes, and lore......inspiration comes from many sources and leads to a wide variety of creative output.  In "Animation Inspiration" from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 30, three artists/animators will share various creative projects and the inspiration for their work.  We also share a sneak peek of animated films and virtual reality projects being shown in the upcoming Cultural Animation Film Festival at the Doris Duke Theatre.

Matthew Kawika Ortiz is a Hawai‘i-based artist who specializes in storyboards, illustration, graphic design,and printmaking. Mr. Ortiz started out his career interning and creating conceptual art for the Warner Brothers feature film Superman Returns, he also storyboarded for all three E Ho‘omau!, Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa, and co Art Directed Maisa the Chamoru Girl who Saves Guåhan. Matthew is also one half of the art duo Wooden Wave which is known for their illustrations and murals of sustainable treehouses.

Michael Q. Ceballos was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  He has worked in animation industry for over 20 years. Among the many diverse projects he has worked on, there are a few notable highlights. In 2013, Mr. Ceballos formed Twiddle Productions Inc. where he produced and directed Ola Na Iwi: Hāloa and Maisa the Chamoru Girl who Saves Guåhan which won Best Short Film at the 2017 Pasifika Film Festival.

Mary Therese Perez Hattori
A native of Guåhan (Guam), she is one of nine children of Paul Mitsuo Hattori and Fermina Leon Guerrero Perez Hattori and resides on O‘ahu with her son and husband.  Dr. Hattori currently serves as Outreach Director for the Center for Pacific Islands Studies at UHM and is affiliated with the Doctorate in Professional Education Practice, the Indigenous Politics Program, and the Learning Design & Technology Program at UH.


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Longmont CO @ Firehouse Art Center
Apr 08, 2011


Toronto @ Design Exchange (Exhibition Hall)
Apr 16, 2011


Salt Lake City @ Brewvies
Apr 16, 2011


St. Louis @ Mad Art Gallery
Sep 08, 2011


Richmond, BC @ Richmond Cultural Centre
Jul 12, 2013


Ubud @ Betel Nut
Dec 09, 2013


Long Beach
Jul 16, 2015


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Mar 11, 2016


Flagstaff @ Dark Sky Brewing Co.
Jun 30, 2016

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Taproom
Oct 17, 2017

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Gardens of Winter

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 27, 2014

Hannah Skoonberg recently graduated from the Univeristy of Tennessee with an MFA in printmaking.  She is currently teaching printmaking classes at WKU. Here she speaks on her most recent exhibition, which explores the ideas of memory and object.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 19, 2014.

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Sewing Relief

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 14, 2014

My "designer hobby," sewing, is a skill I learned from my mother, and the way I stay sane and fashionable. Sewing is something I truly love to do, and in partnership with my sister, I have decided to share it with the world. 

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Binding and Printing

@ VOL 18 ON DEC 09, 2015

The work of a print binder

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A Fledgling Press

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 15, 2016

Melissa Schlobohm of Fledgling Press discusses her transition from sculpture to printmaking and her love of birds, bugs and multiples.

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Bringing Relief

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 15, 2016

Shannon Brandt takes us with her on this sometimes funny, often moving trip she made to Lebabnon to bring releif supplies to refugges fleeing the conflict in Syria.

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Big Printing

@ VOL 7 ON SEP 14, 2016

Artist Beth Weintraub talks about her large scale intaglio prints in this lively and funny talk.

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A Printmaking Dreamatorium

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Mary Allice Miller is an editor, writer, and story-telling enthusiast! As a kid, she spent most of her time at her family’s letterpress shop—an ancient dusty dreamatorium where an imagination can wild. She is currently on the editorial staff of Vanity Fair magazine and is hard at word on a short film.

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5500 Tons of Relief



Large wide auckland callum dowie

Callum Dowie

We kick off this week's presentation highlights with our first one from Auckland -- recorded at the city's Vol. 17 -- featuring Callum Dowie demonstrating his take on the portable disaster relief shelter.

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How You Can Help

We here at PechaKucha HQ in Tokyo are finally coming to terms with all that's happened since Friday. We of course thank everyone who has been checking in on us with concern. The devastation that occured and that is airing on the news everywhere happened in the northern part of the country, and so here in Tokyo it's more about dealing with energy conservation, and hoping that larger aftershocks don't happen (we are still experiencing a steady stream of smaller ones). We have checked in with the organizers in Sendai (the part of Japan that was the hardest hit) and Nagano, but have yet to hear anything back. If you'd like to help, let us point you to this info page that our friends at Ultra Super New have put up instead of the regular front page to their site -- USN is the studio that built the PechaKucha site. Update: The Nagano organizer, Toyoshima-san, has posted news on Mixi (Japanese social network) that he's fine. For Sendai, our messages have been bouncing, probably due to lack of electricity (servers down). Update 2: PKN Miami organizer Carl Hildebrand has brought this to our attention -- sales of a print by Emily Shur -- one of the many efforts to help raise funds for disaster relief. Close to half a million have been displaced due to the earthquake, and help efforts are in urgent need of funds for supplies. It should also be noted that the Japan Society is taking donations directly, with 100% going to disaster relief (no admin fees). I've posted on my personal blog a list of items that you can buy, with all proceeds going to disaster relief as well.

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Flyer for PKN Longmont Vol. 2

Longmont will be hosting its next PechaKucha Night (Vol. 2) on April 8, at the Firehouse Art Center. As announced on the flyer, during the event organizers will be accepting donations for the Japan Red Cross, to help with disaster relief.

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The Quakebook project -- also known as #quakebook -- has been an amazing crowdsourced collection of stories about the Japan Earthquake, put together in weeks by the mysterious Our Man in Abiko, and now available as a Kindle version for sale on Amazon (with 100% of the proceeds going to disaster relief). We were honored at our Inspire Japan event here in Tokyo to have a presentation about the project by Roberto De Vido and the reclusive Our Man in Abiko, that you can watch online here.

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Poster for PKN St. Louis Vol. 7

PechaKucha Night in St. Louis Vol. 7 happens tonight (September 8) at Mad Art Gallery -- you'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page. The poster you see above was designed by Firecracker Press, and a limited number of hand-printed editions will be sold with all proceeds going to Joplin relief.

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Gardens of Winter

“What caught my eye was the border between the man made landscape, and the natural landscape.” Printmaking MFA graduate Hannah Skoonberg speaks on her art work, which explores the concepts of memory and object. In “Gardens of Winter” from PKN Knoxville Vol. 5 she speaks about how her art — composed mostly of paper — is fragile, vulnerable, and though based on real-life useful objects is unusable due to the material used in its construction.

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How To Make Printmaking Accessible To All

"Our goal is to teach people how to run the presses and then allow you guys to come in here and use them for your own purposes."In How To Make Printmaking Accessible To All from Knoxville, Vol. 14, Bryan Baker shares his collaborative printmaking project and garage-turned-studio-workspace-gallery-space, Striped Light. Team headquarters for a trio of creative minds, they will be publishing, collaborating, and exploring tangents of their own volition as works are developed for the Striped Light catalog and portfolio, at the same time opening their printshop to the public for learning workshops. The team of experienced printers will also be available for hire, offering limited-edition custom letterpress design and printing for events, business ephemera, and artistic ventures.

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Art En Vivo

"We're creating a body of work that people need to know about outside of El Paso, and [Art in Vivo] is going to facilitate us being able to do that."At PechaKucha Night El Paso Vol 13, Jonathan Childress shares on Art En Vivo, a weekly live screen printing project hosted by Proper Printshop. Its aim is to promote the craft of printmaking, empower artists, and engage the community to engage with art.  The project will feature 52 artists in 2016 and travel the world beginning in 2017.

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PechaKucha People: Kyle Soo

We put our PechaKucha People spotlight on Kyle Soo, organizer of PechaKucha Night Manchester for keeping the city's united spirit alive and well by providing some much deserved creative relief with their upcoming Vol. 17. From around the world, we're cheering you, your team, and your city on! 

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Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 1

Dear art enthusiasts! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet some of the Capital’s stellar artists at Making Art in the Capital: An Intimate Look at Islamabad's Finest Artists and their Studios. From Dr. Shahida Mansoor’s one of a kind, Japanese wood block prints to Sana Arjumand’s large scale paintings to Amna Hashmi’s mind-blowingly detailed anime miniatures. We have Nazia Akram’s mixed media painting, Seyhr Qayyum’s colourful canvases and Alia Bilgrami’s contemporary miniatures with a splash of analogue photography. Come and experience the works of Islamabad’s diverse range of artists firsthand. Some of them have amazing studio spaces like Ilona Yusuf’s atelier where she makes handmade artist’s books and solar plate etchings and Zaira Zaka’s fully decked out printmaking studio where she hosts a yearly international artist’s in residence program. Come and hear these important artists share intimate details about their art practise and studio spaces. Don’t miss the chance to experience their creative energy firsthand. We hope to see you all there!  Join the event on facebook at