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Hashtag Photography

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

"As my use of social media increased, so did my understanding of how it worked."

In "Hashtag Photography", from PechaKucha Night St. Neots Vol. 3Jo Mansfield talks about mobile photography and the use of the imaging platform, Instagram and how it has developed her skills and pushed her in new creative directions.


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Nairobi @ RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art
Nov 20, 2008


St.Petersburg @ Музей современного искусства ЭРАРТА
May 27, 2015

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Mona Lisa 2.0

@ VOL 10 ON APR 22, 2014

Mona Lisa 2.0 is an online project providing insight into the wide range of digital reproductions of the 'Mona Lisa' on the internet. Exploration based on  composition and themes (such as color, shape, context and perception) unveals an exciting visual discovery. Ironically new critical pieces of art resurrect from the ashes of the broken reproduced Mona Lisa. This discovery is a critical statement about the malleability, manipulation and sometimes crudity of the Internet.

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Between reality and routine

@ VOL 8 ON JUL 04, 2014

In her work, Chloé Jarry conjures situations where art meets everyday life. She likes the indistinct sphere where these two realities mingle and interconnect, evoquing a never-ending dialogue between one and the other.
She has chosen the technique of earthenware as a material permitting me to mould and copy everyday objects : light bulbs, electrical sockets, adaptors, carpet slippers, grab-handles, pegs, plastic bottles forgotten on a bedside table... The technique of earthenware transforms the original object. During the steps of moulding, drying, and firing, the object gets distorted in a way that I cannot, and don’t wish to control, and my sculptures bear the traces of these accidents. Here’s what she is most interested in, as opposed to, for instance, a brand new and perfectly cast light switch freshly coming out of the production chain. I voluntarily keep the traces of my manipulation, I even leave the jagged edge you get during the process of casting. The hardly distorted form gives an impression of strangeness.
Her sculptures fully live in the space she offer to them. Discreet, they won’t change its function in the slightest, their presence will simply mark it in a subtle way, like appendixes from a parallel world.
She reproduces objects which are so typical for everyday life we don’t notice them any longer. Thus, her work offers a new regard on form, function, and space. {in French}

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Contraires, Attention Danger! - Beware of Opposites!

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 20, 2014

Marie Steffens explores how two opposites used in the same sentence utilize our thought processes to influence the way we conceptualize the world. Opposites linked together in one sentence can express, inter alia, the totality of a category (rich and poor means “all people”). By studying the mechanisms underlying the expression of a totality, we try to understand how opposites can manipulate us. 

Marie Steffens explore comment deux contraires utilisés dans la même phrase utilisent nos processus de pensée pour influencer notre manière de conceptualiser le monde. Des contraires reliés entre eux dans une phrase peuvent exprimer notamment la totalité d'une catégorie (Les riches et les pauvres signifie « tout le monde »). En étudiant les mécanismes sous-jacents à l'expression d'une totalité, nous essayons de comprendre comment les contraires peuvent nous manipuler.

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I See Dead People

@ VOL 1 ON APR 18, 2015

Professor of English at Craven Community College in New Bern, Jessica Saxon looks at early forms of "Spirit Photographery" and "Memento Mori," Victorian photos of the recently deceased. She discusses these earliest forms of photos manipulation that attempt to quantify and solidify the unknown. 

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Avocados, Choreography and a Life that Never Stops Moving

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 30, 2017

From process of manipulation to process of observation, CoCo Loupe examines the artist's journey home and away again via choreographic strategies and supported leaps into the unknown.

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Culture Of Fear

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 28, 2017

Bernhard Lenger (OS) gebruikt design om ons te wijzen op gebreken in wetten, politiek en maatschappelijke kwesties. Tijdens PechaKucha Night Tilburg #2 vertelt hij ons onder andere meer over 'Culture of Fear' (onderdeel STRP Biënnale). Culture of Fear impliceert dat politici en media de angsten van mensen manipuleren voor eigen doeleinden. Culture of Fear is een interactieve installatie die reageert op angst, het experimenteert met mogelijke denkbeeldige bedreigingen en laat zien hoe politici en media onze gedachten beïnvloeden.

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Digital Flower Art

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 26, 2017

Professional photographer Mike Laking talks about his passion for capturing flowers in their natural habitat and transforming them into spectacular works of art through digital image manipulation techniques.

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Las Vegas

@ VOL 36 ON MAR 15, 2018

Pecha Kucha Aarhus-organizer Anders Henneberg once again drags the audience into the heart of the scorching desert, to the bizarre yet wonderful city of Las Vegas. Everybody knows why the House always wins, but very few know why people keep playing. What tricks do they use, that people aren't aware of? Listen on...

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Keitaro Yonehara

Photographer Keitaro Yonehara presented a selection of his works at Pecha Kucha Night Tokyo Vol. 58. The most surprising part of the presentation was when he explained to the audience that all of the works on display received absolutely no digital manipulation, or in the words of Yonehara: "No Photoshop!" You can view more of Yonehara's work at the artist's website.

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Ever wondered what your hometown would look like after a major catastrophy? Jadrien Cousens is a Maine-based artist who jumps between traditional and digital mediums. At PKN Bangor, ME Vol. 7 he presents on his series entitled "Aftermath" which shows eight images of constructed and deconstructed spaces using image manipulation. He explains the reason for the series was to display his loss of mystery for Bangor now from when he was a child.

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The Truth of a Moment

“It’s not staged, there’s no post-production. It’s what you see. As some of our most visceral and memorable experiences in life are about moments … I'm all about capturing these moments without any manipulation.” Photographer Fumiaki Yamazaki discusses the art of his photographic work. In “The Truth of a Moment” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 117, he discusses the conceptual backdrop of his photography, which emphasises the capturing of movement, life, and the ethereal of a raw moment in time.