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Louise Liberty Svenningsen
M.Sc. Sports & Event Management in Esbjerg
Liberty Fletcher
Student, Birmingham City University in Chelmsford


Jan 09, 2012


San Diego @ Stone World Bistro and Gardens Liberty Station
Dec 02, 2013


Yakima @ Gilbert Cellars
Mar 21, 2013

PAST PechaKucha Event

Powered by PechaKucha @ Roger's Campground
Jun 27, 2014


Liberec @ Kino Varšava
Dec 04, 2015


Liberec @ Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial
Mar 04, 2016


Liberec @ Jedličkův ústav
May 27, 2016


Liberec @ Severočeské Muzeum
Dec 02, 2016


Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Jan 20, 2017


Seattle @ Seattle Central Library
Feb 10, 2017

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Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia

@ VOL 1 ON APR 29, 2010

Architect Jack DeBartolo and his father (DeBartolo architects) have been taking ordinary projects and turning them into extraordinary solutions. Their work has taken them all over the country, but also to the developing world. His efforts working in Liberian Africa with architectural students opened his eyes to the standards of construction and culture.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 8, 2014.

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Restoring Liberia's History

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 13, 2013

Jeff Topham and his brother set out to retake old pictures of their childhood home in Liberia; along the way, they ended up restoring the history of their old country, exposing a new generation to photos of a near unrecognizable Liberia, before rebels and war tore the country apart. The project collected photographs of Liberia from various expats, and eventually culminated in a gallery exhibition. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 5, 2013.

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@ VOL 26 ON SEP 27, 2013

Alexander Josephson of PARTISANS speaks on the importance of liberty in an age wherein "Celebrity" (meaning an individual's imprisonment to the idea of fame alone) is such a strong force in our society, for good or bad. He has coined the word "Celiberty" as a concept that attempts to strike a healthy balance between hollow self-promotion and a legitimate creative struggle to do politically relevant work at its highest calibre.

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Coure Libero

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 13, 2015

L'opera è realizzata in legno di abete e rovere, ha un'altezza di 60cm circa e rappresenta metaforicamente il cuore di un detenuto che da una condizione di chiusura e prostrazione ritrova pian piano libertà e leggerezza.

Il docente la presenta a nome degli autori.

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The Fight for Democracy

@ VOL 8 ON JAN 20, 2017

Deployed to Iraq to defend “Liberty and Freedom” in 2004, Brett Wachsmith feels privileged to have been a part of the efforts, perfect or not. Brett puts democracy into prospective by comparing the current struggle in America to those worldwide. Today he serves as the Kittitas County Treasurer, embracing diversity and with a call for unity form both sides of the aisle to preserve our liberties for years to come.

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From Tyranny to Liberty... A Personal Story

@ VOL 6 ON FEB 16, 2017

In an all-too-rate look at life behind the Iron Curtain, Bill Suhayda explores the conditions that caused the Hungarian people to revolt against both Soviet occupation and the tyranny of communism in the country of his birth. In 1956, some 200,000 people fled Communist Hungary; Bill’s family was among those people risking their lives to escape. Bill dedicated his presentation to those people in Hungary, Austria, and the United States who helped his family escape from tyranny, and those Americans who helped his family assimilate into American culture.

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La libertad de imaginar

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 08, 2017

Noelia Antolín es pintora, ilustradora y diseñadora gráfica de Gijón, Asturias. Estudió Bellas Artes en Universidad de Salamanca. Ha expuesto varias veces en centros culturales y salas de exposiciones.

Ella hablaba sobre su trabajo, pintura al óleo y también bisuteria con acuarelas hechas a mano.

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@ VOL 7 ON DEC 12, 2017

El poeta venezolano, Willy McKey, hace un recuento de 10 personajes de la historia de Venezuela, los cuales lograron transformar la sociedad a la que pertenecieron. Con esto, nos trata de mostrar que Venezuela no debería ser un país de la mala noticia, sino que se debe testimoniar el humor, la creatividad y la potencia de crear del venezolano. 

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Comeback Stories: Exile, liberation, freedom, and hope

@ VOL 25 ON MAR 27, 2018

My presentation will be a personal life story of growing in exile during South Africa's apartheid history. I will take about the challenges that I experienced will living in exile, but also, what I had to get where I am in my life.

Dr. Steve Nakana is the Port of Portland’s new Social Equity Program Manager. He is tasked with designing and implementing the Port’s Social Equity Program and providing technical assistance to the integration of equity considerations into the Port’s decision-making processes, economic development initiatives, programs and projects, and partnerships. He holds a PhD Degree in International Studies from the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, which obtained Summa Cum Laude recognition. He also holds two master’s degrees; one in Sociology and International Relations from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Cape Town, South Africa, respectively. He also holds a two-year professional certificate in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Consciousness, Communication, and Care: Transforming Electoral Environments and Personal Liberation

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Justin Lewandowski has been a community organizer in central Minnesota and across the country for the last 10 years, dedicating the latter to the study and practice of deep canvassing or "long form conversations" to develop community, reduce prejudice, and building electoral power. Justin's first political campaign utilizing this emerging grassroots organizing method was with Minnesotans United for All Families in 2012, the nations first successful campaign to defeat a constitutional amendment which would have permanently banned same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

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PKN The Hague Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in The Hague Vol. 3 was held earlier this month, and here's a glowing report from organizer Bram van Hasselt. You'll also find more photos from the event in this Flickr photoset. On Wednesday March 10th, something special happened in Pip. To us as an organization this would have to be the best PechaKucha Night in The Hague yet! Over 100 people showed up to get inspired and be entertained, to laugh and to meet new people. Now, we look back at the last edition with you to enjoy it for one last time and get ideas for the next PKDH, which will take place sometime in June. This time, more than during the previous editions, speakers took the liberty to find their own creative way of using the 20×20 format. We saw combinations of pictures, videos and sound, but also performances in fragments of 20 seconds. Some speakers chose to not talk, others seemed to have everything planned out. Variation is what makes a PechaKucha Night so unique. Not only in content, but also in locations, variety was the key word of the night; we went to Gambia, Nigeria, Birma, The Kyrgyz Republic, Sankt Moritz or stayed in the city centre of The Hague. As you may have noticed, we filmed everything, which is now availabe through Pip TV: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. We also uploaded pictures to our Flickr group, feel free to spread and share! Credits for the pictures go to Anna Czyzewska. Of course, we have some people to thank, starting with the speakers, in order of appearance: Joost Haas Bas Ackermann Christian Kryl Saskia Mees Shireen van Dorp Ruben Steeman Sieko Kloosterhuis Ibrahim Ineke Maurice Ajanaku Martijn Kramp Peter de Ruiter Sietze Kalkwijk Of course, much love to Pip who once again opened up their doors for all of us. Much thanks to for helping us out with the technical part and the stream, brought to you by Zapstream. And a very special thanks to Tanja Busking and Dayna Casey, for the very slick design of the posters and flyers! And last, but not least, thank you! Without your enthusiasm, support and you being there, PechaKucha Night in The Hague would not be here. We will keep you posted when we have the next date, and we hope to see you there. To conclude, a drawing Ruben Steeman made of PechaKucha Night in The Hague Vol. 3.

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PKN Warsaw Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Warsaw Vol. 2 was held last month on the eve of the "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti," and from the extensive photos we've seen -- there's more to see in this Flickr photoset -- it was a memorable night. Here's more from organizer Dorota Szopowska. On the 18th of February in the Bee’s Dream it was colorful, clubby and crowdy. Although the weather conditions were not the best, the public showed up for the second edition of PKN Warsaw. The evening started at 7:30 pm with a concert by Elektroliryka. The atmosphere was filled with images, sounds and lyrics of poets. At 8:20 pm the presentations’ session started. This time there were 12. The presenters showed a lot of good Polish design from different areas: photographs, graphics, illustrations, and ..... northern lights. Marcin Kolorski, PROPORTIONS Jakub Batog, YACHTS’ DESIGN Marta Niemyska, DESIGN Jakub Żeligowski, MY JOURNEY TO THE EAST Dawid Parus, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM Dawid Korzekwa, STGU Kamila Niedzwiecka i Nikodem Szponar, POLISZ DIZAJN Anna Czapkiewicz, PINCH OF ANGELA Piotr Hołub, ILLUSTRATIONS Dominika Naborowska Katarzyna Okińczyc, DESIGN Fairyboy Lumiere, MY MAGIC WINTER GARDEN The evening was also special because thanks to the Polish Humanitarian Action, we could support the victims of the humanitarian disaster in Haiti and participate in the global PechaKucha campaign. The evening ended up with house after-party’s concert given by PATHOPOZITIV. Below, more photos from PKN Warsaw Vol. 2.

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PKn Lakeland vol 6

PKN Lakeland volume 6 The creative industries united once again to bring internationally recognized Pecha Kucha to Lakeland for our 6th event.  The event was held at Lakeland TV  (LKLD TV) on the corner of Cedar St and Massachusetts Ave. Thank you, Randy Borden. This gave us a chance to preview the new LKLD TV facilities. What a great opportunity for promotion of the Lakeland community.  Our Presenters were once again entertaining and creative. Presenters for the night included: Adam Spafford – "Economics of Liberty" This was another informative presentation on the cost of Freedom. Chrissanne Long – "Buy Local".  Chrissanne is a local small business advocate who has hit the digital media and consumer world with a storm. Her Cash Mob events have generated a large following of buy local supporters. Bruce Lyon – "Fly fishing in Alaska" was a fun and entertaining view of the fly fishing in that state to the far far north. Tammy Wright – "Trying to Be a Locavore in Central Florida" Another Buy local enthusiast, tammy documents her attempts to buy local and he need to broaden the definition of local. Larry Rankin – "Trip to Havana, Cuba 1899". This presentation was based on a vacation photo album compiled in 1899 long before instamatic cameras. Dr. Michael Stratton – "sugar" This was an informative and entertaining presentation of the effects of sugar and unexpected sources of dietary sugar. Paul Singer – '20 Powerful Words'       Finally, someone finally did it - a presentation with nothing but 20 words. Creative, energetic and informative. And Randy Borden, LKLD TV ,our host for the evening.   The evening ended with a lot of smiles, laughter and good chatter. That’s what PKN this is all about.

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Great #11 at Platform 4 in Aalborg

This time Huset where I work organized PechaKucha together with a bunch of experimenting creatives in the area of cultural projects, art & technology at Platform 4 in a former Tivolipark Karolinelunden in Aalborg. 9 excellent projects and artistic processes were presented for an audience of 100 people, and we had been allowed to show the trailer from the experimenting danish orchestra Efterklangs new video and cd "The ghost of Piramida" as a finish-off at the evening. The movie will be shown at a screening at Platform 4 later on this month. Lene Nielsen has made it a life task to travel around Mongolia to register their unique filt carpets, processes of making and patterns, that are related specificly to each area. Her work is documented at the danish museum Moesgaard, and it is knowledge that probably wold have been lost without her work - so maginificent to listen to. Theatermanager at Teater Nordkraft Jakob Højgaard Jørgensen and actor Thomas J. Clausen explained about theor travelstudy in Africa dramatising the author Jakob Ejersbo  Eksile & Liberty books and how to create and develop a theatrical language and living characters based on the book and on meeting the people that knew the main character in Africa. Brilliant and interesting presentation. Projectmanager and anthropologist Signe Leth talked about the international cultural project IMAGES 2013, that is taking place september 2013 in different cities in DK and invited people to take part, join and help organizing the exiting event. Architect Jeppe Fink is involved in a group that is raising money and are working to transfer an old ferry to a floating culturalboat, thatis to be situated in the east harbour of Aalborg, and this exiting project is also open for all creatives of Aalborg to be part of. After the break excellent danish-south african artist Inge Tranter presented her artproject "The creative windowwsill", and there were put out paperbags with starterkits for the audience in socalled "unfortunate-bags" - a marvelous and fun presentation about finding inspiration, where you are. Christian Fumz has resently moved to Aalborg and gave an inspiring presentation about his work to connect artists in need of spaces to work with people who have empty buildings. The project / also collaborates with creative alike projects in Berlin called citylink - veery exiting! Helena Sokol a very young artist has her first sole-ekhibition in Husets (non-profit) Gallery exhibiting bones and meat in photos, paintings and sculptures. She explained about the process of making sculptures out of bones and her fascination of them. Jakob Stig Nielsen has a long past experience as freelance graphic designer and explained about how to "survive" both artisticly and having a well established business. jakob is also cityorganizer of PechaKuha Night in Hjørring. Last but not least: Anna Johannsdottir jumped in on the last slot at 7.30 (!) in stead of Platform 4 manager Bo Nicolaisen, who had to cancell of a very good reason: he became a father of a beautiful son :-) Ceramic artist Anna Johannsdottir had a visit from 2 splendid photographers from Cyprus, and they did experiments with clay on her body and face. Beautiful photos and amazing process was described and the evening truly finished in the PechaKucha spirit. Efterklangs trailer put a dot on it Thank you for a wonderful evening - see you at Huset on april 10. :-) Annette  

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Freedom Cycles

What do you associate freedom with? Antonio Melo has always connected his bicycle with an empowering sense of independence -- the ability to go anywhere and do anything at any time. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Freedom Cycles" from PKN Louisville Vol. 3, he discusses this liberty, and juxtaposes it with his experiences cycling about New York during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers.

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Restoring Liberia's History

During and after the Liberian Civil War, countless photos were burned and with them bits of history were lost. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Restoring Liberia's History" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28, Jeff Topham and his brother set out to retake old pictures of their childhood home of Liberia. Along the way, they ended up restoring the history of their old country, exposing a new generation to photos of a near unrecognizable Liberia, before rebels and war tore the country apart. Their project (Liberia '77) collected photographs of Liberia from expats and those who maintained photographic remants of the region, and eventually culminated in a gallery exhibition. 

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I Pledge Allegiance...

"Give me your reality TV, your trailer parks, your clustered pigskin aficionados..." Reese Williams takes the liberty of celebrating America and showing her patriotism by comically creating 20 different versions of the Pledge of Allegiance. In "I Pledge Allegiance..." from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 5, she speaks of the American flag, pick-up trucks, star-spangled polo shirts, and nationalist beer displays. Join Reese and learn 20 different new ways to honor the Spirit of America. 

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Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia

“To really understand local needs, we didn’t come with answers but rather questions.” Architect Jack DeBartolo and his father have been taking ordinary projects and turning them into extraordinary solutions. Their work has taken them all over the country, but also to the developing world. In "Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia" from PKN Phoenix Vol. 1, we see that his efforts working in Liberian Africa with architectural students opened his eyes to a very different set of standards of construction and culture.