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Klein Dytham and PKN Kyoto

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

In this bilingual (English/Japanese) presentation, PechaKucha Night founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham share their experience running PechaKucha around the world, as well as their day jobs designing beautiful buildings. This is a great condensed presentation on how PechaKucha Night started and what the philosophy is behind this global movement. This presentation was part of the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

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DxDepartment Kyoto

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol.19 was a special event held at D&Department Kyoto, part of Bukko-ji temple. D&Department is a nation-wide chain of shops that promote local long life design in a particular region. For the launch of Kyoto shop, D&Department teamed up with students at Kyoto University of Art an Design. Project leader Shuhei Yamazaki shares his experience with the project and launching this beautiful space. This presentation was part of the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

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Curation as a Form of Editing and Research

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

"I'm sorry I won't be able to talk about my passion, but I will talk about my problems with my passion."

In "Curation as a Form of Editing and Research" from PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol. 19, Vincent Romagny shares his curatorial projects in France, as well as his participation in Nuit Blanche in Kyoto.

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Nagoya and BEYOND

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

In Japan, Nagoya is known for its castle, red miso dishes, and Toyota. PKN Nagoya organizer Masato Fujita, however, shows us some different sides to the city as well as the unique elements of organizing PechaKucha Night there. This presentation was part of the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

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Drawing Tells a Better Story

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

"We are different, but we have something to share, like all of you ... I think the concept of love or empathy is not based on race or color or gender or religion. We all share this amazing feeling."

In response to the ongoing refugee crisis from Syria and parts of the Middle East. Kyoto-based researcher, and Syrian national, Rodi Alkader, has been drawing his thoughts on paper for years, but as the crisis continues to unfold, his drawings became a profound way for him to deal with his emotions. In this very personal presentation, "Drawing Tells a Better Story", from PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol 19, Rodi shares his family's situation and adds a unique voice to the conversation. This presentation was part of the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on May 20th, 2017.

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PKN in Ginowan

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

People tend to remember Okinawa as just Okinawa, but there are actually cities there. PechaKucha Night Ginowan organizers Maki and Daryl talk about the unique challenges and benefits of having the event in their city, as well as they dream to build a more vibrant art community. This was at the special PechaKucha Night Huddle held in Kyoto in October 2015. 

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207 Days in Papua パプアで過ごした207日

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

Architects can find themselves working all over the world. Kyoto-based designer Masahiro Tsuzuki goes out of his element by volunteering in Papua New Guinea for over 200 days, helping to design and build infrastructure. He shares his experience - and surprises - here at PKN Kyoto Vol.19.

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Galloping with Wood and Steel

@ VOL 19 ON OCT 10, 2015

Berklee College of Music graduate Shohei Toyoda retunred to Japan a few years ago on a mission to share his love of music, especially country music. Specializing in finger pick guitar, Shohei gave us a taste of his guitar talents in a moving presentation/performance on his passion. 

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Rakugo - Sit Down Comedy

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Yano Kentaro share's his passion for Rakugo, Japan's traditional style of comedy, and elaborates on what he loves performing it in English.

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Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

In "Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation" From PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol. 26Simona Zavadckyte explores how Japanese tea was made traditionally, how it is currently made today and some of the new developments involving tea in Japan.

Tea is the second most common drink in the world and it has been in Japan for around for over 800 years. Through time it has developed distinct culture and traditions. 



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Eric Luong
Educator / Translator, Kyoto University of Art and Design in Kyoto
Masashi Seo
architect, Taproot architectural design office in kyoto
Miki Okada
in Kyoto
Sho Kyoto
Fashion Designer, Entreprenuer in Kyoto


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Memoirs of a PechaKucha

@ VOL 100 ON FEB 20, 2013

Members of the PechaKucha Kyoto team (Eric Luong, Tomoko Ishii, and Ash Ryan) tell stories about how the Kyoto series started, and share memories of past presentations.

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7 Design Lessons from Japanese Gardens

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

After 3 years of working in and looking at Japanese gardens, Jenny Feuerpeil of Real Japanese Gardens summarizes the design (and life) lessons she has learned so far in the gardens of Kyoto, Kamakura, and Tokyo. 

"Presentation of the Day" on June 14, 2013.

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Destination: Kyoto


Longtime game development veteran Jake Kazdal walks us through some of the highlights of his career (including work on seminal Sega games Rez and Space Channel 5), all the way to the formation of his own studio, 17-bit (Skulls of the Shogun, Galak-Z), and reveals how this journey is now leading to Kyoto, Japan.

This presentation was recorded live at BitSummit MMXIV, the 2nd edition of the Kyoto-based indie game festival. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 21, 2014.

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Debunking Kyoto's Myths

@ VOL 123 ON MAR 20, 2015

"I'm actually a priestess in Kyoto... my family has had a temple in Kyoto for the past 800 years. My dad is the 23rd generation head priest."

In "Debunking Kyoto's Myths" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 123, Eric Luong and Ariya Sasaki discuss the misconceptions and stereotypical images attributed to Kyoto's pop culture. In this presentation, they debunk and reveal the true stories behind Kyoto's cultural myths.

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The Bed and Art Project

@ VOL 132 ON JAN 27, 2016

 “Even with foreigners come to Japan, it's hard to find Japanese art and meet Japanese artists. We solve this problem by creating these art rooms by local artists… and we use this hotel to connect local artists and the traveling creative people.”

In The Bed and Art Project from Pecha Kucha Night Tokyo’s 132nd Volume speakers Keigo FukugakiYu TazawaYuto Maeda, and Kenji Daikoku give a glorious, bilingual, pictorial presentation on their art hotel in the heart of the Koenji neighborhood of Tokyo - a hotbed of up-and-coming artists and 

田澤悠さん、福垣慶吾さん、前田悠図さん、大黒健嗣さんは、それぞれ起業家、建築家、ギャラリスト、アートディレクターなどの専門分野をバックグラウンドに持ち、新しいホテルの在り方を提案するBed & Art Project (BnA)を仕掛けています。アーティストの街として注目を集める高円寺に2016年2月オープンの、街全体をアートホテルと化するプロジェクト "BnA Koenji"について、その全貌を明らかにしていただきます!エッジが効いたアートを求める方や、普通の宿泊では飽き足らない方必見のプレゼンテーションです!

 This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, February 12th, 2016.

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Saido Design Project

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 01, 2016

「kansai の designer で omoshiroi ことをしよう」と始めたのが、saido design project。そう語り始めた代表の相田将明さんが、デザイナーの自由研究として年間通して制作された、作品群の一部を披露してくれました。20x20では全部紹介しきれない、ということで、気になる方はぜひ展示に!

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Japanese Aesthetics

@ VOL 14 ON OCT 01, 2016

情感溢れる街、京都。その地でPechaKucha Night Kyotoを開催しているEric Luongさんが、自身の「企画すること」に対する情熱と、日本人が感覚的に知っていても明確に意識はできていない日本の美に関して、共有してくれました。美しさを、捉えなおしてみませんか?

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Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

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PKN Kyoto + Inspire Japan

Kyoto will take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event on April 16, with their event happening at Butterfly (see map) from 17:00. We're also including the full press release -- in both English and Japanese -- which has all the details on what to expect, as well as the full list of presenters. :: ペチャクチャナイト京都 Vol. 3の案内 :: Global PechaKucha Day INSPIRE JAPAN ペチャクチャナイト京都 第3回 「インスパイア・ジャパン」 日時: 2011年4月16日(土) 午後5時~8時 会場: BUTTERFLY (075-211-4898) 入場料: 1,000円 (ワンドリンク) + 義援金募金(推奨額 1,000円) 今回の第3回ペチャクチャナイト京都「インスパイア・ジャパン」は、世界同時ペ チャクチャの日として東日本大震災の被災者の皆様への応援活動として開催されます。ここからの収益ならびに皆様からの募金は義援金として” アーキテクチャー・フォー・ヒューマニティー(AFH)”という団体へと直接寄付されます。ペチャクチャは昨年のハイチ地震の後に行われた世 界同時ペチャクチャでもAFHを支援しました。 「ペチャクチャナイト」はクリエイターのプレゼン大会です。2003年に東京で、若手のデザイナーたちが自身の作品を発表するためのイベントとして始まりました。今では世界370都市に広まっています。そしてPKNはデザイナーのみの集まりではなく、一般の方も参加するイベントなので、デザイン、アートと社会の新たな交流場となります。 「20X20」= 20枚のスライドを使って、1枚当たり20秒で、一人6分40秒というフォーマットです。ペチャクチャナイト、もっと詳しくは: (英語)日本語) 前回の写真: FACEBOOK イベントページ: ::プレゼンターのリスト:: 1. Felicity Greenland(歌手)- Singing Around the Table 2. Christine Flint Sato(墨アーティスト)- Sumi Work 3. 川上全龍(春光院)- Religion and Science: Zen 4. Micah Gampel(写真家)- 携帯シリーズ 5. Bianca Beuttel(デザイナー・エッセイスト)- 日本パッケージデザイン展 とその先 6. 細貝由衣 (Art Complex) - 300の学び方、300のワークショップ インターナショナルワークショップフェスティバル [300 DOORS] 7. 箭内新一(アーティスト・京都造形芸術大学) 8. 石橋圭吾(neutron代表、アートフェア京都実行委員会代表) - 日本のアートのこれから 9. 新元良一(ライター・京都造形芸術大学) 10. 近藤佳奈 - Architecture for Humanity 11. Kit Adran (Astrologer) *発表順番は未定 予約は必要ではありません。 是非、友達と一緒に遊びに来て下さい! PechaKucha Kyoto Team ------------------ :: PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol 3. :: Global PechaKucha Day INSPIRE JAPAN Pecha Kucha Night Kyoto Vol.3 - INSPIRE JAPAN Date: Saturday, April 16th, 2011 Time: 5pm-8pm Place: Butterfly Kyoto (075-211-4898) Entrance: 1000 yen (incl. 1 drink) + suggested donation of 1000 yen PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol. 3 "Inspire Japan" - a Global PechaKucha Day in support of the victims of the disasters in eastern Japan. Proceeds and donations from Inspire Japan will go directly to Architecture for Humanity (AFH), who PechaKucha supported last year with Global PechaKucha for Haiti. PechaKucha Night (PKN) began in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for young designers to show their work and has now spread to 370 cities worldwide as a meeting point for creators and society. For the third Kyoto event, a mix of 11 artists, designers, and creators will be sharing their ideas, visions and adventures. The format is: 20 x 20: 20 images x 20 seconds each, each speaker has 6 minutes and 40 seconds. For more information on PKN click here: Photos from previous PechaKucha Nights in Kyoto: FACEBOOK Event Page: ::: List of Presenters ::: Presenters: 1. Felicity Greenland (Singer) - Singing Around the Table 2. Christine Flint Sato (Sumi artist) - Sumi Work 3. Kawakami Takafumi (Shunko-in temple) - Religion and Science: Zen 4. Micah Gampel (Photographer) - Cell phone photography 5. Bianca Beuttel (designer-essayist) - Japan Package Design Exhibition and beyond 6. Hosokai Yui (Art Complex) - 300 ways to learn, 300 workshops; the International Workshop Festival [300 DOORS] 7. Yanai Shinichi (Artist / Kyoto University of Art and Design) 8. Ishibashi Keigo(Representative director of gallery neutron & ART FAIR KYOTO committee ) - The Future of Japanese Art from Today 9. Niimoto Ryoichi (Writer/Kyoto University of Art and Design) 10. Kondo Kana - Architecture for Humanity 11. Kit Adran (Astrologer) * Presentation order may change Reservations are not necessary. This is a public event - please bring your friends! Hope to see you there, PechaKucha Kyoto Team

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PKN Kyoto Vol. 4

Kyoto just recently held its fourth PechaKucha Night, and from what organizer Sally McLaren tells us, they've been attracting a larger audience with each volume, and it may finally be time to change venues (although we quite like the coziness of UrbanGuild). We've included a few photos in this post, but there's more to see in this Facebook photo gallery.

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Reviving Urban Environments, the Mysteries of the Teutonic Knights, and Outside in Cancun

Presentations Payam Shalchian and Jamie Black, two alumni from the Institute Without Boundaries, talk (at PKN Toronto Vol. 13) about the significance of collective action in reviving urbanized environments. They use Lota, a project in Chile, as a case study, reflecting on the project's outcome in relation to various aspects of Toronto. Marek Czechowski is a traveler and researcher, and in his presentation (in Polish, from PKN Koszalin Vol. 7) he talks about the real history of the teutonic knights, who during the 13th century ruled the North of Poland. This is however a history that doesn't follow any school books or academic sources. This story reveals the very truth about the knights, who, according to Marek, were not able to build their famous brick castles themselves... Gaining spontaneous applause, Marek proves they had no necessary knowledge to do this, and that they had insufficient money, as well as insufficient building materials. Posters We have two new posters on our Tumblr blog today: a flyer for PKN Kyoto Vol. 7, and then one from Nantes (pictured above), for the city's upcoming PKN Vol. 3 (set for June 19). Photos We have a few new Facebook galleries to share with you today. Above, a few photos from this past weekend's PKN Cancun Vol. 3 -- the event had been postponed because of bad weather, but this time it was all go for a beautiful outdoor setting.  PKN Cancun Vol. 3 [Facebook]PKN Cagliari Vol. 3 [Facebook]PKN Bahrain Vol. 5 [Facebook] Links A few links from around the web, including two that relate to the recent PKN Edmonton Vol. 13 (pictured above)."Always in Touch With Social Media" [Edmonton Sun]"PechaKucha Night: Edmonton #13" [MasterMaq's Blog]"Presentation Skills I Learnt from PechaKucha" [Design Sojourn]Calendar Tonight's (June 13) PechaKucha satisfaction comes your way from PKN Okayama Vol.  14 and PKN Adelaide Vol. 3. Tomorrow, look out for these events: PKN Pittsfield Vol. 2, PKN Toronto Vol. 16, PKN Sheffield Vol. 11, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11, and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 10.

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Anamorphic Lens Love, an Unusual Flat in Florence, and Ottawa Panoramic

Presentations What's an anamorphic lens? Find out in this presentation (from PKN Cork Vol. 1) by Mike Hannon, as he talks about his love of this photography accessory, leaving you with the following thought: How can something so geeky be so entertaining? In this presentation (in Italian, from PKN Pisa Vol. 1), Juri Favilli covers an architectural renovation project for a flat in the middle of Florence's old town. The concept was to have new living areas in which most of the home's functions were placed in the walls. You end up with a living space with almost no furniture, which answered the client's request of wanting an "ordered home." Posters There are no new additions to the Tumblr blog today, so we'll highlight (above) yesterday's PKN Kyoto Vol. 7 flyer -- the event takes place this coming Sunday (June 17). Photos Above, a first look -- and a panoramic one at that -- at the scene for last night's PKN Ottawa Vol. 5, about 30 minutes before the start. As PKN Ottawa organizer Remco Volmer tells us, "the speakers were great, the room was nearly at capacity, and the vibe was terrific." Calendar First up, here are tonight's (June 14) events: PKN Pittsfield Vol. 14, PKN Toronto Vol. 16, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11, and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 10. Tomorrow, you can look forward to the following four events: PKN Zilina Vol. 19, PKN Orlando Vol. 6, PKN Des Moines Vol. 10, and PKN Paris Vol. 18. 

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Eric Luong

Also taking part in tomorrow's Vol. 100 is PKN Kyoto organizer Eric Luong. We'd of course have loved for all our amazing PKN organizers to take part, but having a few of them there is at least a nice consolation prize.PechaKucha Night京都からはオーガナイザーのEricさんとチームメンバーの皆さんが登場してくださいます。お楽しみに!

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BitSummit MMXIV

From the minute the lights came up at the end of the inaugural BitSummit—a humble but ultimately successful effort—we immediately took the enthusiasm and feedback and support gathered from the first event and set our sights on creating an even better follow-up for 2014. Many of the indie teams who joined us for BitSummit MMXIII have already experienced exciting new levels of collaboration and success over the past year. Simply speaking, BitSummit is having an effect, and we want to build on that momentum. For BitSummit MMXIV (March 7-9) we’ve expanded the size, the length, and the quality, with three days worth of guest speakers and musical guests, combined together in an event unlike anything ever seen.

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Video from PKN Kyoto

On the week where we are again celebrating on the front page of the site the fact that we love seeing videos from our PechaKucha Nights around the world, here is another great one to fall in our laps, this time for a series rather close to our HQ, and that's PechaKucha Kyoto. Watch the video here, or embedded below.

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City Focus: Kyoto

Our "City Focus" this week heads to Kyoto, where in addition to recently hosting PechaKucha's first annual national PKN organizer "Huddle," they held an incredible 19th volume on the grounds of a historical temple in true Kyoto style! For more details on the event, as well as a look at the full list of presenters, please visit the official event page!

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Podcast No.5 - Robin Hoshino

After a short hiatus, we are back with PKN Kyoto vol.18 speaker Robin Hoshino. Originally from Ireland, Robin presented just after a few months living in Kyoto, providing a fresh perspective on the city. Here she gives more details about her many passions: coffee, aikido, illustration, and most recently, working in a Japanese izakaya.  (英語のみ) Click here to hear podcast.  Artist URL: Music by Ash RyanIntro song: Ashryanbeats – By-the-light-of-the-moon Outro song: Ashryanbeats – The-name-of-the-game      

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Podcast No.6 - Paul Speed

  Despite some technical difficulties and a hangover for Sagar, our latest podcast is withPaul Speed, one of the founders of the much-loved 京都醸造株式会社 Kyoto Brewing Company. They have taken the city by storm since launching last spring, supplying thirsty Kyotoites with their line of beautiful, well-crafted beer. Listen to find out more about their brew and how it got started!  Hosted by Eric Luong and Sagar Patel. (Sound trouble present!) Click here for podcast