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Marseille-Provence @ "Les Grandes Tables" Restaurant Friche de la Belle de Mai
Feb 23, 2013


Batavia @ Riverview Banquets Batavia
Oct 01, 2015

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Jane's Walks

@ VOL 2 ON APR 26, 2013

The outspoken Mary Wilson tells us about Jane's Walks, urban treks that encourage walking in cities as well as bring attention to pedestrian rights. Wilson tells us a bit about the history and purpose of these fun, engaging ways to explore cities.

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Meeting Jane

@ VOL 2 ON APR 19, 2014

Mohammed Jameel shares the story of how he met Jane through the internet. She lives thousands of miles away in a European country and they met through the use of so many online social media tools. Mohammed shows how social media allows people from any part of the world to connect for the first time in human history, but at the same time, meeting face-to-face is still the best way of human communication!

يمكنك لاول مرة بالتاريخ ان تتحدث و تلتقي الناس في اي مكان بالعالم !!.. لم تعد الفوارق الزمنية و المسافات تعني شيئا .. هكذا التقيت جين التي تعيش في بلد يبعد الآف الاميال!.. و لم يكن ذلك ليصبح ممكنا لولا وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي التي استخدمناها جميعا!.. ومع ان كل وسيلة منها اضافت بعدا ما اﻻ اننا في التخير وجدنا أنفسنا مضطرين للقاء في الواقع!.. في حديثي بينت كيف ان وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي امر رائع ومعجز لكن يضل اللقاء البشري المباشر هو الاسمى و ﻻ يحاكيه شيء!

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Suwe Ora Jamu

@ VOL 18 ON JUN 24, 2014

Nova Dewi was once familiar with traditional herbal drinks from her hometown, Surabaya. When she is graduated from Marketing studies - University of New South Wales, Sydney, her love to Jamu (Indonesia's traditional herbal drinks) continues to grow until she decided to open Suwe Ora Jamu, herbal drinks cafe and coffee shop with a touch of artistic and modern ambience. Jamu is usually associated with old generations and its bitter taste, despite its health benefits. Suwe Ora Jamu's mission is to reintroduce Jamu as part of modern lifestyle, particulary to health-conscious young generations. With innovative menu such as Jamu mocktails, Suwe Ora Jamu has succesfully brings back the charm of Jamu. (in Indonesian)

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Janush, Life Is Fluid and Changeable

@ VOL 5 ON MAR 19, 2014

Janush Dance makes researches in different levels on bringing out the functional capacity, power, dynamics and energy of the body and aims to transmit and share that knowledge. 

Janush Dance bedeni, bedenin fonksiyonel hareket kapasitelerini, gücünü, dinamiğini, enerjisini nasıl açığa çıkaracağını çeşitli seviyelerde araştırır ve aktarmayı hedefler. 


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My Janus Moment

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 01, 2015

Learning of a mentor’s passing, artist Rita Grendze reflects on a conversation that has stuck with her for nearly thirty years. Join Rita as she deciphers the meaning of her friend’s advice to embrace her inner Janus. Her journey includes visually rich images of ancient, baroque, and contemporary art, with the destination the artist’s own studio and future practice.

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Works of Jakub Berdych

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 19, 2016

Czech artist and designer Jakub Berdych presents about his work.

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Jan Falta's Glass Works

@ VOL 3 ON FEB 19, 2016

Czech glass artist Jan Falta presents about his work.

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Jangling Space

@ VOL 31 ON APR 20, 2017

Jangling Space – a space where community meet, talk, imagine, share and DO. The DOING is important – we make tangible products that have meaning. We do it ‘out in the open’ so that people’s curiosity is aroused. These products – made from glass and ceramics – link back to an older Glasgow. We can still see remnants of that time with us today, in stained glass and wally tiles. We seek to find that beauty again. Our products, each and every one, contain a physical aspect of Glasgow. Each product has a story – and so do its makers. We attempt to help people feel like they belong – Jangling Space is a cooperative – and therefore it follows values and principles that cherish learning, cooperation, participation, democracy. 

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making Emma and Jane

@ VOL 24 ON MAR 30, 2018

Madeline Jorgensen studied drama at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts at the Stella Adler Conservatory. She has since produced and directed many professional theatrical shows in the Austin area.

Jorgensen loves producing interactive media such as a horror web series/alternate reality game called "Where is Alice?" as an experiment in viral marketing for the short film, From Underneath. The success of "Where Is Alice?" was featured in a Daily Texan article and reached over 2,000 people.

Jorgensen is currently in Salt Lake City, producing feature films with her husband, Brent. In addition to producting films they are breaking down gender barriers in thier professional community!!

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The Meaning of Jan

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 09, 2018

Jan Schaeffler tells her journey that started out as a simple DNA test to search for her health history and discovered, much to her surprise, that she was British, not German. This led to a deeper journey into the woods where she discovered relatives she never knew, with family stories that were the same!

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Jane Frederick

PechaKucha Night presentations don't always have to be about one's own works or projects, and here's a perfect example from architect Jane Frederick. She based her PKN Charleston presentation -- for last Wednesday's Vol. 3 -- on buildings and spaces that have "inspired, delighted, and amazed" her. Jane has posted all of her slides on her blog, including descriptions for each. Above, Rem Koolhaas' Prada Soho Store, to which Jane explains: When both of your parents are architects; family vacations always revolve around buildings that must be seen. When I told my youngest daughter, Jessica, about this presentation, she asked “Are you going to include the Prada Store.” Jess…..this one is for you.

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Janne Kyttänen

It's Monday, so time to start another round of presentation highlights from the site. Today we look at Janne Kyttänen's "Freedom of Creation" presentation from the recent PechaKucha Night in Amersfoort Vol. 1. It's about his belief in a future where data is the design product, and where products are distributed in the same way images and music travel through the internet today. And how simple it works: 1. Just make a 3D file 2. Email the file to a 3D printer 3. Rroduct ready. It's that simple!

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Dirk Jan Postel

Today's presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 72, and features Dutch architect Dirk Jan Postel -- one of the leading proponents of glass structures -- talking about his use of the material in a few of his projects.

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Jan Chipchase

At next week's PechaKucha Night Vol. 111 -- our 11th anniversary event -- we are very happy to welcome researcher and globetrotter Jan Chipchase. 来週のペチャクチャナイト11周年を記念したVol.111にはデザイナーであり、世界中を旅しているJan Chipchaseさんをお迎えします。


Announcing our presenters for #pkldnont vol. 1 - Jan. 25

Without further ado, we are excited to announce that PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 1 on January 25 will kick off with SEVEN presenters. Here they are:   Paul Grech - Birds Eye ViewThe mysterious wildlife tales of Canada's Western Arctic as witnessed by commercially trained helicopter pilot and adventurer Paul Grech. Sarah Ashfield - Building Hope: Why I Chose to Support the Case for At-Risk MothersA look at the life of Sarah Ashfield: raised in an adopted family and what led to her decision to spearhead The New Addition Campaign. Janic Gorayeb - Team Communication Guided by Organizational Values – The Ripple EffectValues serve as a compass for our actions and define how we conduct ourselves. The ripple metaphor symbolizes how our actions or non-actions echo throughout an organization both internally and externally. Kenny Khoo - Value of Water: Perspectives from IndiaIn order to enable sustainable access to water in rural India, creating economic value in water is critical.  Andrew Kaszowski - Living Your Life With Passion: How I Got Paid to Travel The WorldIn 2008, Andrew lived out his dream of traveling the world. He took his writing and design experience to sea, setting sail as Publications Editor aboard Crystal Cruises’ four-month World Cruise. He has been to 38 countries. Learn how Andrew did exactly what he dreamed of doing: and got paid to do it!   Join us at Innovation Works London at 6:20pm on January 25. Get your FREE ticket now - all we ask is a donation of $1 to the PechaKucha global fund and an item for the London Food Bank.