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Inspiration Cultivation

@ VOL 9 ON OCT 28, 2015

"I never sit down and think, Oh, I need to get an idea, it doesn't work like that."

In Inspiration Cultivation from PechaKucha York Vol. 9, 19-year-old multi-award-winning film director Jack Spring explores the ways that creative people of varying disciplines find and cultivate inspiration.


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Margaret Spring
Designer in Brooklyn
Grant Jack
graphic artist in Raglan
Amy Louise Spring
Student in Durban
Chris Jack
Teacher, Bethel Park School District in Bethel Park
Jeni Spring
Massage Therapist, Massage Instructor, yoga instructor, Self Employed in san antonio
Jack Spring
Film Director in York
Julie Jack
Art Professor, Artist, Small Business Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens, Tennessee
Ronnie Jack
in Jackson
Alda Jack
in Manchester


May 28, 2011


Salt Spring Island @ The Barn
Jun 04, 2011


Salt Spring Island @ The Barn
Aug 27, 2011


Nagano @ the ajito MOON
May 27, 2012


Nishinomiya @ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)
Apr 19, 2013


Gliwice @ Centrum Organizacji Kulturalnych GCOP
Mar 25, 2015


Yeysk @ Pizzburg
Mar 19, 2015


Pensacola @ First City Art Center
Mar 20, 2015


Beacon @ Quinn's
Mar 15, 2016


Nara @ Shiro-chan House
Mar 10, 2018

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Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia

@ VOL 1 ON APR 29, 2010

Architect Jack DeBartolo and his father (DeBartolo architects) have been taking ordinary projects and turning them into extraordinary solutions. Their work has taken them all over the country, but also to the developing world. His efforts working in Liberian Africa with architectural students opened his eyes to the standards of construction and culture.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 8, 2014.

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Scary Santa and his Dodgy Mates

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 16, 2014

Jack Shuttleworth takes us on a whistle stop tour of some very odd Nicks, and tells us about the ways that people dress up for Christmas in the European and American traditions.

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Spring and Awakenings

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Alex Milton is a thinking designer with ideas from making Dublin 8 a leading cultural and creative quarter to creating our own future by design. Like many creatives earning a buck today, he has many strings to his bow as an academic, author, curator and designer.

He is currently the Programme Director of Irish Design 2015, a year long initiative which is promoting Irish design and designers through various events both at home and abroad. One of the events that Alex has programmed is on this week in Milan. It’s called Liminal and features over 20 Irish designers, companies and studios involved in collaborations across disciplines, and presents them for the first time in Milan.

He is a visiting professor at the National College of Art and Design, Ireland and Aston University, UK and his books include ‘Product Design’ and ‘Research Methods for Product Design’.

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The Ice Cream Test

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 03, 2014

Speaker Dan Reed discusses new urbanism and walkability of an area based on the ice cream test.

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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

@ VOL 27 ON SEP 14, 2016

1. Learn how to Build. 

2. Quit my job

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The Jack Frost Challenge

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 23, 2017

Justin Quigley sjares lessons learned from planning a HUGE winter activity challenge, starting winter run commuting, and packing for a not-so-chilly February. "Pre-planning is key", he says "but so is not trying to change your whole life while planning a whole event."

Luke-warm winter weather SUCKS to run in!

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Girls of Silver Spring, Our Future Women Leaders

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 24, 2017

Shannon Babe-Thomas is the Executive Director of Community Bridges, a non-profit that works with girls in the Silver Spring, MD area. She shares some incredible stories of the girls in her program and the amazing work that they are doing.

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Ice Dance

@ VOL 10 ON OCT 26, 2017

Ora Uzel shares how she came to love ice on her winter hikes and how she shares that beauty through her photography.

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@ VOL 6 ON MAR 29, 2018

Western's Alternative Spring Break gave Brea Hickey the opportunity to travel to Lima, Peru this year. Learn what this experience means to her, and for you. 

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Jack DeBartolo

We kick off this week's presentation highlights with a look at two presentations taken from the very first PechaKucha Night in Phoenix, as part of the February 20 "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" -- the first proper Vol. 1 will take place at the end of April. First up is Jack DeBartolo's "A Liberian Experience." A great presentation about taking architectural learning out of the classroom into the field. From hyper theoretical thinking to hyper reality and real world projects -- and nowhere could more real world than Liberia.

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Mark Ryan

Our second presentation from Phoenix's "Global PechaKucha Night in Haiti" event is "Rebuilding after Katrina" by Mark Ryan, showing off what a group of motivated students can do. Also, please note that we've added presentation listings on each city's PechaKucha Night landing page, so you'll now be be able to find all online presentations from a particular PKN city that way as well.



It wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating having hit over 400 cities in the global PechaKucha city count -- it was back in April -- and here we are now at 426, with still more to add and register. At this rate, we may very well hit 500 by the end of the year. Here then is a list of the latest cities to join our big happy family: Fort Worth, Salt Spring Island, Blue Hill, Wakefield, Phillip Island, and New Plymouth.

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PKN Salt Spring Island Vol. 1

The second PechaKucha Night in Salt Spring Island is set for next week (August 27) -- see the list of presenters on the official event page -- but here's a look at the first event, held in early June at The Barn (an appropriate name, we think).

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Next Salt Spring Kucha

Salt Spring Volume 4 We are excited to be part of Global Pecha Kucha Night on Sept 20th!  In addition, Artbarn International will host an exciting art show which opens at 5:00pm and continues at the barn on Sat, Sept 21st + Sun, Sept 22nd, 1-6pm And if that's not enough ... we will roundup the evening with the awesome beats of ... DJ JOSHUA JAMES starting at 10:00pm ... also Asian fusion food served by The Gathering!!! Presenters: Darrel Pierce and Marc Riecher  |  Bryan Dubien  |  Paperockscissors  |  Matt Steffich  |  Jason Donaldson  | Jacob Burton  |  Karen Clark  |  John Macdonald  |  Debbie Wetmore Art featuring: Nicola Wheston  |  John Macdonald  |  Gillian Gandossi  |  Andrew Gibbs  |  Ron Crawford

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Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia

“To really understand local needs, we didn’t come with answers but rather questions.” Architect Jack DeBartolo and his father have been taking ordinary projects and turning them into extraordinary solutions. Their work has taken them all over the country, but also to the developing world. In "Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia" from PKN Phoenix Vol. 1, we see that his efforts working in Liberian Africa with architectural students opened his eyes to a very different set of standards of construction and culture. 


Call for stories about LEARNING in DETROIT

Join us for our first ever PechaKucha MORNING! PechaKucha Night Detroit is teaming up with the national AIA Committee on Architecture for Education Spring Conference to offer a morning of inspiring stories and dialogue about education, inspiring spaces for learning, and the rejuvenation of the City of Detroit. The CALL for PRESENTATIONS is open now, and we're accepting submissions until March 6th. The FREE morning will include a welcome from conference organizers, 8 PechaKucha presentations, and a panel discussion.  Panel participants to be announced soon - stay tuned!

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Poster for PKN Dublin Vol. 7

Spring is in the air, as is evident on the poster for the upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 7 in Dublin, set for April 22. 

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Volumen 6

Die 7. Runde der Pecha Kucha Night Lienz ruestet sich auf. Im Projektraum 29 - direkt an der berühmten Isel gelegen - schon zum 3. Mal hintereinander. Bisher hatten wir insgesamt schon 40 unterschiedliche Vortraege mit ihren rasanten Präsentatorinnen. Die jüngste TeilnehmerIn war 11 Jahre alt - der älteste fast 74 Jahre!!!  Wir hatten sogar Leute aus Amerika und Deutschland, die in Lienz präsentiert haben. Diesmal zieht sich ein Bogen vom Lesen Lernen bis zur Energieeffizienz. Co-working in Lienz und viel klassische Fotographie. CY there.       englischsprachige Beiträge haben die Besucher nicht mal verscheucht. Also bleiben wir weiter dran, obwohl die Suche der Beitragenden oft gar nicht so einfach ist.... Apropos ... wir suchen noch aktive Beiträge. Melde Dich an unter: 0699/12641760. Diesmal heben wir einen Unkostenbeitrag von Euro 5,- ein, damit wir uns den erstklassigen Projektraum 29 leisten können. Wir bitten hiefür um Ihr Verständnis. Antonio La Regina sorgt seit einem Jahr für die Motivation, Aquise, Bewerbung (Videos) und Technik. Dank an Ihn und seinen Elefant, die das Format derart qualitativ aufgewertet haben.

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PechaKucha People: Ange Friesen

Few people are more deserving of the weekly PechaKucha People spotlight than PKN Markham's cracker-jack organizer, Ange Friesen. Time and time again, PechaKucha Night Markham curates a top-notch roster presenters whose 20x20 presentations continually stand out as some of the best. We thank and salute you Ange!