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Nairobi @ RaMoMA Museum of Modern Art
Nov 20, 2008


Dayton @ c{space
Aug 27, 2009


Dayton @ Roof of the Firefly Building
Oct 01, 2010


Novi Sad @ Route 66
Apr 16, 2011


Wakefield @ The Hepworth Wakefield
Jun 07, 2011


Wakefield @ The Hepworth Wakefield
Sep 06, 2011


Wakefield @ The Hepworth Wakefield
Dec 06, 2011


Delhi @ Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation
Feb 19, 2016


Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Apr 12, 2018

25 JAN


Midcoast @ Rockport Opera House

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Chubby Wax Crayons

@ VOL 3 ON SEP 22, 2015

Artist and drama therapist, Paul Muir talks about the work he created over a 20 year period whilst in therapy and the insights and self-healing journey he went through.

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I Believe In You - Your Magic Is Real

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Devin Person believes in you - your magic is real!

Devin Person is a wizard. His first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is being released on March 13th as a Kickstarter spell to raise $420. Learn more here.

Blending mystical insights with irreverent wit, Person transforms occult techniques into accessible, modern ideas that his clients and readers can use to create powerful changes in their own subjective experiences.

When not writing bios, Devin Person enjoys worshipping a Gnome god of humor and fending off attacks from his cat, Loki

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A Journey in Hats

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

New York based and originally from Papua New Guinea, Eleanor O'Connell has been working within the Theatre, Performance Art, Film, Fashion and Design industry as a Costumier, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Manager, Milliner and Artist from London to Melbourne and now New York. Listen to her journey here!

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Foraging and Picking

@ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

"Architects are hunters and gatherers." 

In "Foraging and Picking" from PechaKucha Night Buffalo Vol. 17, professor of architecture Brian Carter provides a retrospective of twenty postcards from his many travels, highlighting what each image signifies in the mind of an architect. Carter reminds us that architecture can be an international language. It prompts travel, causing us walk into buildings, to meet people, and to listen, sense and smell the places that we go. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, November 21st, 2016. 

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From Sketch to Store: Designing a Dress

@ VOL 18 ON MAY 18, 2017

NIYATI KARWAT was on her way to medical school, but after studying abroad in Cypus, she decided to follow her true love. She enrolled at Parsons and now 8 years later is a designer at Tracy Reese. Hear how her travels and art inspire creating women's wear.

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Challenging a Confirmation Bias

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

“So you have a choice. If you choose to see teens as more than just kids, help them find their inner awesomeness. Mentor them. Coach them. Listen to them. But let them do it because they can.”

Lucas Chang, co-founder of Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs and a co-lead of Startup York, shares how teens and pre-teens are shaping our future by making positive changes and differences in the community. 

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Mnemosyne & Sleep Temples of Ancient Greece


Writer and host of The Explorers Club - a small lecture salon in St. Leonards on Sea, Sarah Janes talks about her interests in dreaming, the occult and spiritual sciences. An intelligent and humorous look at Mnemosyne - the personification of memory in Greek mythology, and her influence.

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Creativity and Play as Medicine


Transpersonal Arts Counsellor Anna Atkinson’s practice incorporates art, movement, creative writing, voice and body work. She explores the potential of creativity to impact on health and wellbeing. Anna gives the audience an insight into the true happiness the freedom that art can give to those who are willing to embrace it. 

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Champions for Change

@ VOL 19 ON MAR 14, 2018

"It takes a village."

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. We abandoned the rule book for this free-form, "20x20 ish" team presentation, Champions for Change, at PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 19Elizabeth Walsh, Professor at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, shared her mic with a team of members of the Champion for Change program. Champions for Change (an initiative of One Region Forward in Buffalo) is a community innovation laboratory that integrates university and community resources to ignite bright ideas and inspired leadership for a flourishing region. In this celebration of community change-makers, one presenter even broke out into song. We guarantee this will make you smile!

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@ VOL 18 ON JUN 06, 2018

How do you explain a social, economic and political crisis to the first world? Stefi Klein Miloslavich left her home in search of the future.

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PKN Worcester Debuts This Week

httpv:// PechaKucha Night launches in Worcester this coming Sunday (June 14), and one of that city's organizers, Cynthia Woehrle, has posted the video above in which she goes over the presenters and talks about what PKN means to her. Here's a quote from an interview done with Cynthia at Worcester Magazine: What are you hoping will come from such an event in Worcester? Bring the art community closer? Inspire artists? I am looking to integrate artists of all types of media ( writers, filmmakers, scientists, painters, musicians, designers, good will doers,) and bring them to a format where they can share ideas, projects and inspirations on the same playing field. As well as give the community an opportunity to to hear perspective from creative thinkers. We are not looking to only inspire artists but inspire anyone. As much as I want to promote the local arts community this event reaches beyond that and connects Worcester to an international network of 200 cites in the Pecha Kucha organization. Ultimately my hope would be that new and exciting projects will be born out of connections made or ideas shared that would cultivate the creative community here in Worcester. PKN Worcester is also following in the footsteps of previous city exchanges by partnering up with PKN Halifax -- its Vol. 2 is happening the same night -- to share some video greetings. Below, the flyer for the PKN Worcester Vol. 1, designed by Todd Rawley.


Martin Barret

Continuing with our look at presentations from PechaKucha Night in London Vol. 2 -- you could say it's London week here on PechaKucha Daily -- here's one from artist and climber (how's that for a combination) Martin Barret. Artist and climber Martin Barret takes us on a high level tour of his inspirations -- and contemplates how it might be nice to die from a bespoke object!


PKN Charleston in the News

There's a great piece in the Charleston Regional Business Journal about how that city's PechaKucha Night series is fueling ideas to the community: Charleston needs its own music festival. This was one idea floated at Pecha Kucha’s 19th event, held Tuesday at Memminger Auditorium in downtown Charleston. Creative types, entrepreneurs, residents and businesspeople gathered to hear seven presentations of stories, ideas, passions and inspirations. Speaker Charles Carmody said the Spoleto Festival serves the city’s art and music scene well, but that local musicians and artists should work together to bring a festival dedicated solely to music to Charleston. Carmody, the manager of the Charleston Music Hall, noted that many other artistic cities, such as Savannah and Knoxville, Tenn., have their own music festivals — and some cities have multiple. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have one here,” Carmody said. “We need to be working together. We don’t need to be competing. We can feed off of each other.” Read the full article here.

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Hip-Hop Heroes

In today's Presentation of the Day, "Hip-Hop Heroes" from the Global Night edition of PKN Tokyo (Vol. 106), the hip-hop squadron B-BOYGER proclaim the good word of hip-hop and break dance to the universe.  B-BOYGER is not comprised of your everyday heroes; they are a unique and hilarious group of dance champions. Here they discuss their antics, accomplishments, inspirations, and future plans.

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PechaKucha Maastricht contributes € 1200 to PechaKucha Global Fund

  Mission accomplished!  We at PechaKucha Maastricht are delighted to announce that we have been able to deliver a €1200 contribution to the Global PechaKucha Fund, as a token of gratitude for all the help and good services received from the global PechaKucha organisation in Tokyo over the years. For each ticket sold in 2014-2015, we reserved €1 for the Fund, which was established to support the many initiatives coordinated by the PechaKucha team in Tokyo, including the global PechaKucha website, where each one of the more than 800 PechaKucha cities in the world is able to host its own city page.  PechaKucha Maastricht is very grateful for the exposure it has consistently received on the global PechaKucha website. It has already been selected twice as city of the week, due to the quality of our speakers' presentations, and many of these have been featured as Presentation of the Day on the global PechaKucha homepage. This has been greatly appreciated by our speakers, who saw their ideas and projects being shared with an even bigger worldwide audience. The perfect occasion to personally hand over our contribution came at the end of June when I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo for professional reasons. What's more, it turned out that the dates of my trip coincided precisely with the date of the PechaKucha event in Tokyo! There were more than 300 PechaKucha fans at Super Deluxe that night and the atmosphere in the room was both relaxed and energetic, with everyone talking and connecting with one another, enjoying the great music by DJ bemsha and eager to listen to the speakers of the night. I particularly enjoyed meeting the Tokyo team - Mark Dytham, Astrid Klein, Johnny Linnert, Mariko Yokogi, Don Kratzer and Brian Scott Peterson - with whom I have been so closely in touch by email but, except for Mark, never spoken face to face!     My turn to present came in the second half of the night. I was introduced both in Japanese and in English by PechaKucha founders Mark and Astrid, who said how pleased they were to welcome a city organiser of PechaKucha Maastricht in Tokyo. In my presentation, I spoke about my family story, including my Japanese origins and I explained why PechaKucha was so important in my life in Maastricht.  When the last slide of my presentation appeared on the screen, I produced the cardboard revealing the donation from the PechaKucha Maastricht community and the entire audience cheered and applauded with enthusiasm. The effect of surprise was complete and Mark and Astrid could not conceal their emotion when they received our contribution. They explained to the audience how much this financial support meant for the PechaKucha organisation and how much it would enhance the Global Fund's ability to develop innovative ways to share the creativity of the PechaKucha community with the world. It was an unforgettable night in Tokyo. And yes, I agree with our friends in Tokyo: PechaKucha Maastricht rocks!   With thanks to Brian for the great pictures!

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The York Arts Barge

"York has no dedicated social art space. York should have one. We want to create one ...and we want to create it on a barge." In "The York Arts Barge" from PechaKucha Night York Vol. 8 Marcia Mackey and Christian Topman discuss their project that aims to convert a floating river barge into a dedicated arts centre, filling a need for which York currently lacks. Here they share their vision and inspirations for the barge, the positive impact it will have on the community, and the challenges they face in hosting art on the River Ouse. 

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Even Though We're Here

"When you step out of your comfort zone, THAT is when the magic happens, THAT is when you realize the true strength of your capabilities"In "Even Though We're Here" from Bandar Seri Begawan Vol.4, Dragons And Pixie Dust’s self-taught special effects make-up artist Muaz Al-Rashid’s shares the story his childhood curiosity on how Jim Carey was turned into The Grinch got his creative engine running. From looking up for inspirations on YouTube to someone telling him to just do it to actually ripping himself out of his comfort zone, Muaz invites us to join him (being unafraid to do what you’re passionate about) as he brushes his way into being resourceful with what little he could work with to complete his vision.

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Extreme Beauty

  "Photography gives me a medium to escape from daily routine life by creating something beautiful" In Extreme Beauty from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 137, Fashion photographer Apple Chua shares in depth how she turned her passion into her career. She pushed the boundary of incorporating her hobby of hiking volcanoes into her commissioned works to create photos that comprised an epic and cinematic composition of colours, glamour, elegance, and whimsical feminity that is coupled with a futuristic look and inspirations from the renaissance era. That certain elusive quality became her signature style.

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PK Night at West 6th!

  Hey there! Thanks for checking out PK Lexington. Our next event will be at West6th on June 15th. See you then! PK Night is a idea and story sharing night, open to anyone. 8 speakers share creative works, stories and inspirations.

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PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 - To Travel is to Live!

With well over 350 Guests and Presenters and their friends and familly in attendence, PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 was a great night of facinating stories/slides, networking and craft cocktails. With Sponsorship support/giveaways from Aesop, Tossware, Shopping Design Magazine, La Vie Magazine, Fly Sim Cards, and Uber...and drinks provided by KOR Taipei. PKN Taipei  Vol. 37 was one of our biggest turnouts in recent years!  Stayed tuned for our next PKN night at XueXue on Sept. 22nd Saturday!   | Host | Tung-Lung Wu – Writer, Creative Traveler who’s learning “Design” | Presenters |Chi Lee - Botanical & Space ArtistAlan Hsia – Experience Creator, theLOOP, Co-FounderAda Yang – Artist & Art CuratorMiki Chang – PhotographerYu Lee – Founder of Fashion Blog “Yutopia”, Chief Editor of WazaiiiRiki Ueda – Travel WriterHally Chen – Designer and ColumnistRaven Chen –Chief Editor of Fashion Media “Heaven Raven”Nat Niu – Contemporary ArtistTun-Wei Hsiang – Photographer & Artist   PechaKucha Night Vol.37 Saturday, June 30th, 7:30pm 走吧!行旅人生TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE  PechaKucha Night Vol.37: TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVEWhat type of "Traveler" are you? All in the name of Travel, we walk through different corners of streets, countrysides and even all across the globe, and leave behind our trails of existence. No matter if we are just roaming aimlessly or rushing during our destinations, what catches our attention is based on our own preferences or habits. Therefore, the way we travel and the route of our journeys thus is reflected in the facades of our life. What we fall in love with during our travels, those precious moment only belongs to ourselves when we travel. We easily reminiscence with the unique inspirations and memories that come along with every single trip. in turn, believe that each profession or passion is a reflection of our own life...