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Bangalore @ Jaaga
Feb 26, 2010


Dayton @ Atta Girl Art & Gardens
Jun 25, 2010


Bangalore @ Jaaga
Dec 03, 2010


Nov 13, 2013


Delhi @ Pearl Academy of Fashion
Mar 07, 2014


Stockholm @ Södra Teatern
Apr 21, 2016


Taipei @ xuexue institute
Jun 25, 2016


Townsville @ Dancenorth
Oct 20, 2016


St Joseph @ Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
May 19, 2017


Islamabad @ London Book Company
Jan 27, 2018

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Dosvelas Pictures- Smile & OPEN YOUR EYES

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 20, 2010

Jessica Leung - documentarian, video freelancer, connector - about working with Pamela Anderson in Hollywood... to making an experimental documentary in India!
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Teach for India

@ VOL 9 ON JUN 30, 2012

Archana Rao's presentation, "Teach for India," tells the story of the education of children in India.

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The Power of Yes

@ VOL 1 ON AUG 14, 2014

Tiffany Lentz believes in the power of yes, and thinks you should say yes too. Going into her own life changing story and experiences, Tiffany was able to learn new things about the world and life. 

 "Presentation of the Day" on November 17, 2014.

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Education for All

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

Preeti Birla reminds us the power and necessity for everyone everywhere to have access to education. 

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Drawing the Line

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 30, 2015

Harini Kannan is a freelance Illustrator based in Chennai and a graduate of fashion design from NIFT Chennai 2012. She is sharing the story behind the Drawing the line workshop for female graphic artists  in Delhi and her creation: "That's not fair" ilustration story published in Drawing the line, Indian women fight back book in February, 2015.

Harini Kannan :

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Big Fat Indian Weddings

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 02, 2015

Watch this to dispell your curiousity of the beauty and magic of a traditional indian weddings.

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Striving Way of Her Own Music

@ VOL 136 ON JUN 02, 2016

インディーズで活躍するミュージシャンの石渡悠起子さん。 レーベルにも事務所にも所属せずに自分たちの音楽を追求して完成したCDの、 全国発売までの奮闘ドキュメント。 素敵な歌声は必聴です。

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My Name is Kumar

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 13, 2016

My name is Kumar is the charity set up by Tim Loonen and his wife Renee Schreurs to support 37 former child beggars in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Living between London and Chennai they offer a safe home, education and love to children born into poverty. Almost five years after they’ve first set foot in India the charity is thriving and about to double the number of kids they are able to send to school. However, it hasn’t been always easy. Tim will guide us through some of the tough choices they’ve had to make along the way and tell us about how he combines a full time job at the world’s largest travel site (TripAdvisor) with the exciting (and rewarding) world of philanthropy.

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Value of Water: Perspectives from India

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 25, 2017

Kenny Khoo presents about how in order to enable sustainable access to water in rural India, creating economic value in water is critical. 

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Gymkhana Grid 2016

@ VOL 9 ON APR 25, 2017

Andrew Stevens journey qualifying for the worlds biggest Gymkhana. A race with a Subaru Impreza to the finish line. 

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2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Eight years ago today the "Boxing Day" Indian Ocean Tsunami hit the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. This great presentation looks at the process of rebuilding. For more stories on reconstruction efforts, you can visit the ArchiAid Channel and Inspire Japan Channel -- both include presentations covering work done following last year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami -- and the Haiti Reconstruction Channel, covering rebuilding efforts in Haiti and elsewhere.

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!dea that is India

Do you believe technology to be a force of good? In today's Presentation of the Day, "!dea that is India" from PKN Stockholm Vol. 20, industrial designer and architect Satyendra Pakhale speaks briefly about his design work, but moves to discuss the issues found in consumerism, and the reduction people to numbers. He expounds upon the double-edged sword that is technology, mostly focusing on the tremendous positive impact a simple mobile phone can have on a man or woman in India or Tibet.

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Changing the Game for Girls in India

"I wanted to share soccer, [this is] when it all became possible." Ish Jhaj was always a bit of a tomboy as a young girl, and football (the one you play with your foot) has always been her game. Now she's begun organizing a girls soccer program in a rural suburb of Punjab, India. What the girls lacked in coordination, they more than made up for in heart, and now Ish has put together several mini leagues, and has donated shoes and clothing to the region. All this and more in "Changing the Game for Girls in India" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28.

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The Indie Game Revolution

"Supporting independent games is the same thing as supporting art ... it's an artistic revolution happening right under your nose." Max Temkin talks about the revolutionary change in the computer gaming industry from publisher and distributor producted games to independent games that could be sold directly to the customer. In "The Indie Game Revolution" from PKN Chicago Vol. 29, Temkin gives an overview of independenly created games, like Minecraft, Fez, and Spleunky, in order to show what great games (and great art forms) could be created outside publisher and distributor influences. 

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The Invisible Internet of Everything

How many of your appliances are already controlled by the collective intelligence of the internet? Science, engineering, and collective intelligence have come together to create a powerful internet of things around us. In “The Invisible Internet of Things” from PKN Toronto Vol. 31, Madhuri Eunni, founder and CEO of SKE labs, explores the infinite possibilities of the internet of things from wearables, smart homes, to smart cities, and how it changes the way we live.

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The Profound Beauty of Indigo

"The choice to plant, transplant, weed, harvest, winnow, dry, compost, and ferment indigo entirely by hand is longer one of necessity. It is political. It is beautiful. It is labour. It is life." In The Profound Beauty of Indigo from Chicago's Powered by PechaKucha Event: United States Artists 2014 Artists Assembly, Ronald Ricketts shares his story of moving to Japan to teach English and explore Japanese craft heritage. He discovered indigo leaves and had an apprenticeship at a Tokushima dye factory. He became an indigo farmer, dyer and visual artist. His work developed into creating installations, establishing a social practice and spreading the indigo art. 

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Inside My Green Book

"...because I wanted to convey the joy of being in nature to people I see. And that's when I was introduced to photography."In Inside My Green Book from Chennai Vol. 8., an ambitious nature photographer and educator, K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar passionately shares a quest to connect us to the nature through photography. Hailing from rural India, and given a camera at a young age, he used photography as a means to better observe, understand, and appreciate his natural surroundings. Here he shares his experience of spending months at a time in the wilderness and how it informed his photography and appreciation of his home country. Lastly he touches on "backyard wildlife" a project he shares with school kids to keep them connected to nature.  

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PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham interviewed in The Yellow Sparrow

Co-founder to PechaKucha, Mark Dytham, was interviewed in The Yellow Sparrow where he speaks on the origins of PechaKucha, how it's grown over the years, and where we are now. Check out the full post here. 

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Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 1

Dear art enthusiasts! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet some of the Capital’s stellar artists at Making Art in the Capital: An Intimate Look at Islamabad's Finest Artists and their Studios. From Dr. Shahida Mansoor’s one of a kind, Japanese wood block prints to Sana Arjumand’s large scale paintings to Amna Hashmi’s mind-blowingly detailed anime miniatures. We have Nazia Akram’s mixed media painting, Seyhr Qayyum’s colourful canvases and Alia Bilgrami’s contemporary miniatures with a splash of analogue photography. Come and experience the works of Islamabad’s diverse range of artists firsthand. Some of them have amazing studio spaces like Ilona Yusuf’s atelier where she makes handmade artist’s books and solar plate etchings and Zaira Zaka’s fully decked out printmaking studio where she hosts a yearly international artist’s in residence program. Come and hear these important artists share intimate details about their art practise and studio spaces. Don’t miss the chance to experience their creative energy firsthand. We hope to see you all there!  Join the event on facebook at  

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Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 3

This PechaKucha Night Islamabad is all about the beauty, elegance, and intricacies that make up the world of architecture! Our speakers represent the diversity one finds in the ever-evolving architectural landscape of Islamabad. Hasan Lashari talks about the transformative nature of thresholds and the juxtaposing Saidpur village within Islamabad city inhabits all the traits of a threshold. Murtaza Bilal will be talking about his experiences in trying to strike that fine balance between the client brief and an architect’s creative expression. Sannah Ejaz outlines ideas of space/time in architecture as opposed to architecture in space/time. Masshal Saif from Khaam Studios, enumerates the qualities and the variances one can experience in the rigid material that is concrete. Mustafa Naeem talks about his continuing journey of discovery in the field of architecture since he first started out in 2004. Ali Rahman Khan’s presentation is all about how he learnt the importance of drifting in finding purpose in architecture and entrepreneurship through systems thinking. Faisal Arshad’s presentation will be about the challenges of incorporating the natural elements as well as innovative materials and technologies. Ghousia Ahmed will be speaking about discovering, in her travels, how culture has impacted architecture. Awais Aqdus will be talking about mass transport projects in the various cities of Pakistan and their impact on city development and the heritage sites. Fawad Suhail will be speaking about the importance of pubic and community spaces in the city. It will be an enlightening, educational and enriching experience of what architecture means in these times For details visit: