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Hacking Community

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"The important part is getting to know people in a really informal setting, as people first. The running joke is if you want to ask somebody their business model, you have to buy them a drink."

Warren Johnston shares the underlying philosophies behind Edmonton's exploding startup community, which emphasizes inclusivity, togetherness and selflessness—and above all having fun while pursuing professional goals.

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Quidditch - The Fictional Game Redefining Sport

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 09, 2016

"There's no other sport that I know that's as inclusive as quidditch. It's brought nerds to sport—nerds who have never played sports before. It's a gateway drug to sports and a healthy lifestyle."

Quidditch player and Team Canada Head Coach Chris Radojewski dispels some misconceptions about one of the world's fasting growing sports, Quidditch is indeed real—and it's growing, staking a reputation as fast and hard-hitting while paving the way for gender inclusivity in sport.

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Educate, Integrate, Celebrate

@ VOL 28 ON JUN 01, 2017

"In a world that likes to divide between us and them, it's not about creating a space for them and creating a space for us. It's about recognizing our common humanity."

Karen Unger introduces us to motionball, an organization that seeks to introduce young professionals to the Special Olympics movement and break down barriers between 'neuro-typical' adults and adults with an intellectual disability.

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Inclusive Fitness

@ VOL 29 ON OCT 24, 2017

Personal Trainer Em Lamache talks about breaking down the gender binary in fitness, and how more research and better guidelines on transgender and non-binary training can give us a new perspective on performance and fitness.


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Mumbai @ Jnanapravaha
Dec 13, 2008

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@ VOL 27 ON SEP 14, 2016

A label on the outside of a bathroom door can be the beginning of a world-changing narrative.  Inclusivity is a hot topic in the progressive world of 2016 yet we should have evolved much further than what we consider "progressive" by now.  

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Inspired Adaptation - Making Love from Walls

@ VOL 147 ON MAY 31, 2017

Whatever your position on Donald Trump, it's fair to say that he is a veritable fount of creative inspiration. Back in February, his bluster about building a boundary between Mexico and the US led Diesel Headquarters to launch a campaign called ‘Make love not walls’. Trump’s intolerance was a chance for the brand to mark itself as a supporter of inclusivity in characteristically colourful style. Trump's wall has less meaning in Japan. But the country does have figurative walls of its own, and as Japan is Diesel’s largest market, the company opted to create a fully localized interpretation of the theme. In particular, while Japan is a world leader in terms of fashion and subculture, society as a whole has been slow to open up to the LGBT community. ‘The walls’ urges a removal of the barriers that prevent open expression of love and affection between people of all sexual orientations. Peter Grasse shares. 

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Llenar Almas

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 04, 2017

Luis Gavilán y Nicolás Mancilla nos presentaron El Mañanero, proyecto de inclusión social con los inmigrantes en Chile, generando un trabajo digno y con buenas condiciones laborales, a través de la venta de café se dedican a generar experiencias emocionales positivas.

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A Life of Service

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 07, 2017

Rob Fraser has spent his life creating art and serving communities accross the country. His time in Ellensburg reflects this desire to create inclusivity and beauty.

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Serve and Protect

@ VOL 11 ON NOV 07, 2017

As Deputy Sheriff, Chris Whitsett strives to encourage inclusivity and equity in law enforcement and its service to the community he lives in. He is dedicated to maintaining integrity in the midst of wide-spread concern over police brutality and racism.

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Focus on Orlando

Via Eddie Selover:"Last night, a special “Powered by PechaKucha” event was help at the Orlando Science Center. Over 400 people came to two sold-out shows to watch seven presenters talk about the wonders of space exploration, the benefits of yoga, about juggling, puns, theme park design, the future of brain research, and the beautiful effects of music on the brain. As always, the crowd was enthusiastic and the laughter and applause for this event went on and on. At the same time, only four miles away, other Orlando people were dancing and celebrating at the city’s Pulse nightclub. This following morning we learned that 50 of them had been senselessly killed, in the worst mass shooting in American history. A lone gunman, motivated solely by hate, was able to spread fear and grief and sadness among thousands of people. We are feeling that grief right now, and struggling to find answers. But we will find them—as we always do—in our connection with each other, in our shared humanity, in the love in our hearts. Love is stronger than hate; love will always win out over hate. We've read comments that Orlando is now “home” to this latest record-breaking atrocity. That’s wrong. Orlando is home to millions of wonderful people, home to a thriving arts community, home to a renaissance of culture and inclusivity. That’s what it was yesterday, and that’s what it will still be tomorrow."

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PechaKucha People: Eddie Selover

Our PKN Organizer in Orlando, the soft-spoken but ever charismatic Eddie Selover deserves the PechaKucha People spotlight after what he said in response to Orlando being called “'home' to the latest record-breaking atrocity." "That’s wrong," he says "Orlando is home to millions of wonderful people, home to a thriving arts community, home to a renaissance of culture and inclusivity. That’s what it was yesterday, and that’s what it will still be tomorrow." Thank you Eddie for all the you do to bring the spirit of PechaKucha to Orlando and for being part of it's inclusive culture of creativity.