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Skin Equality

@ VOL 17 ON APR 12, 2013

Sonny Ganaden is a printmaker, writer, and a lawyer. His talk is on skin and race as a sociological creation and the application of critical race theory to art as a way to deconstruct institutional racism and advocate for equality.

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@ VOL 18 ON AUG 16, 2013

Keone Nunes had grown up exposed to family members who still spoke the native Hawaiian language and elders who still remembered the tribal practices of their past. His talk will touch on the art of tapping, a rare technique left in the world. Instead of relying on an electric machine and a steel needle, Nunes makes his own tools and even his own ink when tattooing in this very rare ancient way.

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Art of Cutting

@ VOL 19 ON DEC 13, 2013

Over the last 50 years Sooriya Kumar has developed artwork not just for
sacred sites around the world, but for a multitude of private residences in numerous countries and many public buildings including an indoor copper mural sculpture for the Honolulu International Airport that is designed to welcome our visitors to the islands.

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Bringing Obama Home: A Presidential Center in Honolulu

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 16, 2013

Robert Perkinson is a professor of American Studies at UH. He’s leading the state of Hawaii’s initiative to build a Barack Obama presidential center in Honolulu.

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My Journey Sculpting with Light

@ VOL 20 ON APR 18, 2014

Mark Chai's art is part of his spiritual journey. He creates three-dimensional pieces that are organic, abstract and conceptual. His inspiration comes from his love for the ocean, fascination with the structures of exotic flora and fauna, and a growing awareness of his genealogy.

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Lava Flows

@ VOL 22 ON DEC 12, 2014

Scott Rowland gained his love for the outdoors from the Hawai‘i Service Trip Program, and in college was happy to find a major (Geology & Geophysics) that involved being outdoors. He has been researching and teaching about lava flows at UH for more years than he wants to think about, but never tires of seeing them, flowing or not, in the field.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 11, 2015.

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Material Contact Hi

@ VOL 23 ON APR 10, 2015

KC Grennan lives and works on the Windward side of Oahu in lovely Kahalu’u.  Here she works collaboratively with Scott Fitzel as Xen Design Inc., maintaining a hot glass studio and metal fabrication shop for the production of furniture, lighting and architectural elements. She also independently pursues her own work in painting, sculpture, and interior design.

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Mele Murals

@ VOL 24 ON AUG 14, 2015

Estria Miyashiro is an internationally recognized muralist and the co-founder and Creative Director of The Estria Foundation (TEF), a nonprofit organization using art in public to transform communities and bring attention to important local issues. TEF creates innovative public art projects and education programs using art in public as a catalyst for community engagement.

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Ke aka o ka pō

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 17, 2017

Sulu‘ape Keone Nunes studied under several Hawaiian kūpuna and with the legendary Su‘a Sulu‘ape Paulo. He has be doing Uhi (Hawaiian tattoo) and founded Pāuhi in 1990 and started tapping under the tutelage of Su’a Sulu’ape Paulo in 1996.  He is a product of the Wai’anae coast and continues to live and work there. Sulu‘ape Keone also is the founder of Ka‘ānani‘au LLC that helps non-profit organizations gain federal funding.

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Carving Clarity

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 17, 2017

A Pennsylvania native residing on the North Shore of O‘ahu since 2008, Steven Kean is an artist working primarily in the woodcut method of relief printmaking.  His work is driven by a passion for the process and a love affair with the ocean.

Kean holds a B.S. in Art Education from Temple University and is a current member of the Honolulu Printmakers.  He teaches art to 4th and 5th grade students at Mililani Mauka and Sunset Beach Elementary Schools, and in the Museums outreach program.

In 2016 he was chosen as the featured artist of the Haleiwa Arts Festival and this year he is the official artist for the Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach


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Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Oct 08, 2010


Honolulu @ HiFi Pop-Up Fashion Resource Center, Ala Moana Shopping Center
Mar 18, 2011


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 19, 2011


Apr 13, 2012


Nov 09, 2012


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Aug 14, 2015


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Mar 11, 2016


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House
Jun 10, 2016


Honolulu @ Honolulu Museum of Art School
Nov 11, 2016

PAST Our Urban Fabric

Honolulu @ Center for Architecture
Mar 31, 2017

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Keiki Club

@ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

Aviva Rowley and friends founded Keiki Club - an open social community for friends and flora fanatics to come together and grow plants, share knowledge, and trade collections. Attend a Keiki Club meeting in NY or California - more info here.

Aviva is a ceramicist / artist / florist from Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from Cooper Union in 2011 with a BFA.  She has been finding nature in Brooklyn her whole life and stubbornly refuses to leave NY - thus forcing her to create an indoor jungle.  

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PKN Honolulu vol.5

Aloha! PechaKucha Night Honolulu just hit their 5th Volume and from the report that follows from Mark Hakoda it seems they will soon be at volume 10! At PechaKucha HQ here in Tokyo we are getting more and more e-mails from people that are planning their vacations around PechaKucha Nights in cities they are visiting so they can attend or even present. From the look of the photos below Honolulu may be one of the top PechaKucha 'destinations'. What a night! We had one of our biggest crowds (well over 200 people). I think we have the most welcoming and grateful crowds anywhere. We also had our most diverse group of presenters yet. We had everything; an award winning photographer, a public radio host, a graphic artist, a board member of the American Institute of Architects, a filmmaker, a Scotsman in a kilt, a painter, a corporate brand consultant, a public access TV show host, and a rock band. I'm not sure we could have squeezed in anything else. Even our PKN staff got in the festive mood and dressed in Japanese festival attire. PKN 5.0 in Honolulu was a fantastic event. We also have to thank the generous sponsors. The Academy Art Center at Linekona, Urban Works Inc., Fung Associates, SWAM, and the Hawaii Independent. A big Mahalo to Kajiki Johnson Band for rocking the house. Mahalo and Aloha to everyone in the PKN Ohana. We'll be back soon. Mark also noted... Doug Upp is a local public access TV show host also presented and showed up in character, which happens to be a flamboyant woman. Only in Hawaii!

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POW! and WOW!

Pow-wow is a term referring to a gathering, a meeting of some sort. But to artist Jasper Wong, it means so much more. Centered around a week-long event in Hawaii, POW!WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, and mural projects. In "POW! and WOW!" from PKN Honolulu Vol. 18, Jasper tells the story of POW!WOW!'s inception in Hong Kong, the struggles he had in getting this amazing artist collective event together, the fruits of his yearly labor, and future plans.

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Fire & Sky & Life

“At the end of their lives, these stars celebrated their achievements by hurling life-giving elements into space, in a gently expanding display of intense, nebula beauty.” Retired Professor of Astronomy from the University of Hawaii Gareth Wynn-Williams speaks about the stars and the universe. In “Fire & Sky & Life” from PKN Honolulu Vol. 22, Gareth shows us what 34 years of fantastic astronomy lectures results in.

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The Sun Rising on Dundee

Dundee, Scotland has some sunsets that can challenge Hawaii’s. Graphic designer and PKN Dundee co-organiser Lyall Bruce shows us a thing or two about his beloved city, and what you ought to see when you visit. In “The Sun Rising on Dundee” from PKN Tokyo Vol. 123, he tells us all about Dundee’s architecture, culture, gaming scene, and naturally, its gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

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When Caricature is Considered Portraiture

"[Aspects of the painting] were modified by the artist to fit a romantic and idealized version of a much contested historical event."In When Caricature is Considered Portraiture from Honolulu Vol. 23, Assistant Curator of the Arts of Hawai‘i at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Healoha Johnson considers how caricatures often depict political events and high-profile figures, and then remain as visual historical records with the potential to circulate misconceptions as truth through what is, in fact, a badly distorted caricature of the actual event or figure. Here she dissects "Hawaii's Decisive Hour", a painting by Eugene Savage, which could be said skews history by celebrating an annexation treaty between the U.S. and Hawaii that never actually passed. 

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City Focus: Honolulu

This week's City Focus takes a bite out of "The Big Pineapple", Honolulu, Hawaii, whose PechaKucha Series, held at Honolulu Museum of Art, is constantly making waves. Take a vacation from what you're doing and dive into some of their truly enchanting presentations! Mahalo!

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Plastic Printing

“How can I get [students] away from the computer, pull them out of the screen, and how can I get them to think with their hands and to approach things outside of a pixel?” In Plastic Printing from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Rob McConnell shares the technique of printing typography and designs using LEGO pieces. As a Graphic Design Professor at Brigham Young University Hawaii, he is interested in exploring all the possible learning experiences that this technique allows. This presentation covers how he came upon the idea and some of the plastic printing work that we have produced in the past year.

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Nurdle in the Rough

“I compose each piece of marine debris into an interesting and ambiguous object.” In Nurdle in the Rough from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Kathleen Crabill shares how she started transforming ocean plastic into conversation starting gems. Crabill is an ocean lover who grew up on the Big Island. She went on to receive a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in metalsmithing. Bringing her skills and desire for healthy oceans back to Hawaii, she started a business called Nurdle in the Rough Jewelry.

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The Story of Water in Hawaii

"The window of wonder into the world of water." In "The Story of Water in Hawaii" from PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 27, Eric Johnson led a journey through the process of creating an original theatrical production in collaboration with artists, activists and multiple community partners. Eric is Artistic Director of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. His production - "H2O: The Story of Water in Hawaii" - performed for over 20,000 students, teachers and families on Oahu this Spring and will tour to five Neighbor Islands this fall. 

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Tori Richard: 60 years of textile art inspiration from Honolulu

"The art we create has been a reflection of our multi-cultural influences in Hawaii and the eclecticism is perhaps the only common thread." In Tori Richard: 60 years of textile art inspiration from Honolulu at PechaKucha Night Honolulu Vol. 28, Josh Feldman explores the inspiration for Tori Richard prints and explain why he thinks Honolulu is perhaps the only place where a company like Tori Richard is possible.