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Powerpuff Girls
Student in Murcia


Kosice @ Moulin a Cafe (Mlyncek)
Aug 17, 2011


Dayton @ Atta Girl Art & Gardens
Dec 08, 2011


Columbus @ Eartha Limited
May 10, 2012


Jacksonville @ CoWork Jax
Sep 18, 2012


Fort Lauderdale @ GirlsClub Fort Lauderdale
Nov 15, 2012


Vancouver @ Vogue Theatre
Feb 28, 2013


Cape Town @ The Assembly
May 07, 2013


Dunedin @ Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Mar 17, 2015


Kyoto @ UrbanGuild
Jul 30, 2016


Nitra @ Hidepark Nitra
Jul 21, 2017

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The Truth About Chicago's South Side

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 03, 2013

The media has the power to brand a city either good, bad, or ugly, and with Chicago's increasing youth violence, only the bad and ugly are seem to be reported. Kelly Fair, an educator who grew up on the South side, does not share their view. She believes in the goodness of the city. Through her Polished Pebbles project, she shows how girls in Chicago can be inspired to achieve success when given love and opportunity. 

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Redesign a School

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 18, 2015

Architect Pascale Sablan is sharing her experience promoting diversity and including children in the design process of redesigning a school in Haiti after the earthquake. Following the international building code in the design she is also quantifying the sustainability of the product and encouraging the audience to share their passion and knowledge with children.


This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 15, 2015.

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Alchemy for Beginners

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 23, 2015

Is it possible to create a drink that tastes like mince pies? Well the answer is yes and many other flavours too. Andy Hawkes is going where no home-brewer has gone before and lets us in his secrets.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Thursday, September 4, 2015. 

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I AM a Girl

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 05, 2015

Fiona Adams is a senior at West High School. She has been on the West Forensics team for two years and also works nationally with Health by Motorbike and Girl Up, two campaigns that provide educational scholarships for girls in developing countries. With the help of these organizations, she started the Universal Education Partnership at West, which has raised $2,500 to date for scholarships and birth certificates and has awarded her opportunities to go to New York and D.C. to advocate for girls’ rights worldwide. In this presentation Fiona discusses her work with Girl Up and how it has changed both her outlook on life and her hopes for the future.

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Lyrics of Life & Love

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

Singer and songwriter Nicola Stanton brought a soul soothing moment to our first Lincoln PechaKucha with her beautiful voice. She tells us about her almost-sound-of-music upbringing that inspired her journey in music and gives genuine advice on how to refuel an artist's passion to follow their path. 

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Parwin's dream

@ VOL 29 ON FEB 29, 2016

Parwin came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Afghanistan 15 years ago. How was her life when she was young and what did she encounter on a daily basis as a young girl?

Inge Melchior shares with us the story of Parwin and of the Aainda Foundation, the foundation she set up to help and empower girls from Afghanistan; the Aainda Foundation also aims to break the social isolation of women from different cultures in Maastricht region.

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I Believe In You - Your Magic Is Real

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

Devin Person believes in you - your magic is real!

Devin Person is a wizard. His first book, Mysteries of the Deep, is being released on March 13th as a Kickstarter spell to raise $420. Learn more here.

Blending mystical insights with irreverent wit, Person transforms occult techniques into accessible, modern ideas that his clients and readers can use to create powerful changes in their own subjective experiences.

When not writing bios, Devin Person enjoys worshipping a Gnome god of humor and fending off attacks from his cat, Loki

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Stay Up Late

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 12, 2016

'Keep it punk' says the director of charity Stay Up Late.  Paul Richards is on a mission: to enable people with learning disabilities and autism to lead full and active social lives.  Paul shares the charity's brilliantly simple yet highly effective initiatives like Gig Buddies.  


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Girls Who Can

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 28, 2018

Active Anna brings us a presentation that literally shouts I CAN. Anna belives that if we have a can do attitude in life we can achive almost anything.

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Loss, Love, and Healing

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 06, 2018

Sukhdeep Jassar shares her story of loss, love and healing. 

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A Girl and her Bicycle Go to PKN

Pictured above, Sarah Chan of Edmonton, on her bicycle and on her way to last week's PechaKucha Night in Edmonton Vol. 5. The photo is part of a post from her blog, Girls and Bicycles, "Advocating Beautiful Girls on Bicycles in a City Addicted to Cars."

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Shae Janiga

You may remember that it wasn't so long ago that Tokyo featured a presentation by an 11-year-old -- Kaden Cowan, whose presentation you can actually watch online -- and now it's Providence's turn to feature a very young presenter, Shae Janiga. Here's a report from organizer Stephanie Gerson. She was fabulous: her name is Shae Janiga and she's a 6th grader at Wyman School in Providence. She plays the piano, violin, and soccer, and Loves horseback riding. She also speaks fluent Slovak and Loves to travel. But most importantly, according to her, Shae is a great big sister to her 3 siblings. Her presentation was called "Global Soccer for All." She started by talking about how soccer has enriched her own life, e.g. by giving her the opportunity to make new friends, travel, and gain more self-confidence. Then she zoomed out to what soccer can do for countries, e.g. enabling the people of countries that have geopolitically tense relations to get along, and respect each other, on the field. (May I remind you she is 11!) But, there's one major problem. (And yes, she made us wait a whole 20 seconds on that 'problem' slide.) The problem being: that girls all over the world don't play soccer. In fact, in many countries, especially countries where women have fewer rights than men, women are actively discouraged from soccer. So how to solve this problem? Well, what she plans to do is live next year with her cousins in Slovakia, and start a girls soccer team there! (The entire audience erupts in cheer.) It was moving, thoughtful, self-aware, and well-delivered. And of course afterward, I got a slew of parents asking me if their kids could present, and we have a 10-year-old lined up for February.    You can see more photos from PKN Providence Vol. 10 in this Flickr photoset.

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Poster for PKN Zagreb Vol. 11

PechaKucha Night in Zagreb Vol. 11 happens tonight (September 16), and you'll find all the details -- including the full list of presenters with links -- on the official event page. The poster was designed by Niko Mihaljevic, and as organizer Jelena Mihelcic explains, is inspired by the venue, "a school playground that has an old sign on the building, one entrance for boys, the other for girls."

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Most of us can say that, at one point or another, we've had to look for a job -- it's such a drag, right? Looking for inspiration is much more fulfilling, and that's exactly what Sarah Michaelson encourages us to do in her presentation from PKN Winnipeg Vol. 14. After losing her job, Sarah watched a whole lot of Golden Girls and got to thinking about how to adjust to the lack of outside forces pushing her to be productive. Hear how she recalibrated, and developed her theories on "De-working". 

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Baseball's East and West

Giant halogen lamps light the groomed field, you step up to the plate, and the cheering masses begin to sing a song for you?  In today's Presentation of the Day, "Baseball's East and West" from PKN Tokyo Vol. 108, big-league baseball fan and writer Matt Schley discusses the cultural differences between Japanese and American baseball. From strategic disparities like sacrificial bunting to cute beer-selling girls to unique stadium design in Japan, Matt covers all the bases. 

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Changing the Game for Girls in India

"I wanted to share soccer, [this is] when it all became possible." Ish Jhaj was always a bit of a tomboy as a young girl, and football (the one you play with your foot) has always been her game. Now she's begun organizing a girls soccer program in a rural suburb of Punjab, India. What the girls lacked in coordination, they more than made up for in heart, and now Ish has put together several mini leagues, and has donated shoes and clothing to the region. All this and more in "Changing the Game for Girls in India" from PKN Vancouver Vol. 28.

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Far Out & East

"...taking images rendered exclusively for the male gaze, and representing them to empower the subject of the gaze, rather than the viewer." Sarah Michelle Rupert represents Girls' Club, a non-profit private foundation and exhibition space which was created to educate the public and nurture careers of contemporary female artists. In "Far Out & East" from PKN Miami Vol. 24, she focuses on the art of Su-en Wong, who creates pieces influenced by social realism, duality, and self-identity formation. 

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Girls in S.T.E.M

"We gave ourselves the latitude to find gaps and let design support radical solutions that extended beyond the traditional footprints of our professions as architects, as teenagers, and the program challenged me to think of ways to bring more women into our field not by giving them a doll, but by giving them a hammer." In Girls in S.T.E.M from PechaKucha Night Denver as part of the The American Institute of Architects 2014 Convention, Katherine Darnstadt focuses on changing the lives of young women in her urban community. She does this by providing girls with a two-week program that helps them rebuild their neighborhood and reshape lives.

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PechaKucha People: Nami Ishihara

This week's PK People Spotlight lands on PKN Vientiane's organizer, Nami Ishihara, who has shared via the 20x20 format her experience growing up between Japanese and American cultures as a "Third Culture Kid". Now an organization change facilitator who loves to connect people, she believes that everyone has something original and interesting inside them, and PechaKucha is a great way to share that something special! Through organizing PechaKucha, she has found that Vientiane is a small city with a wealth of creative talent, often undiscovered. She is proud that PechaKucha Nights have invigorated the arts and social scene in Vientiane by providing a forum for people to share their ideas with each other and with the world.

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Shenzhen Princess - Girls Breaking Into The World of Chinese Manufacturing

"I will print my own better quality hardback!" In Shenzhen Princess - Girls Breaking Into The World of Chinese Manufacturing from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol.139, Chris Wang and Jacinta Plucinski shared their journey to the making of their book filed with adventure, adversity and love. In this presentation, they discussed about manufacturing in Shenzhen, why there are almost no females involved in it, experiences of a female manufacturer, and whats being done to change things.