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Street Fashion Blogging

@ VOL 28 ON FEB 21, 2016

Cameron Adams, Vol. 18 alumni, is back to update us on street fashion blogging here in Atlanta. Most Atlanta-iens will know Cameron and his ninja-like ability to snap his fashion photos. Now, listen as Cameron describes his start in street fashion blogging, his inspiration, what he looks for, and how he makes his photographs! 


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Melbourne @ MiFA
Mar 04, 2011


Utrecht @ KLIJS & BOON
Oct 06, 2013


Seinäjoki @ Amfora Gallery
Oct 10, 2014


Jakarta @ Plaza Mandiri Lantai 3, Auditorium Utama
Dec 12, 2014


Olomouc @ Pevnost poznání
Apr 03, 2015


Stockholm @ Berns Kammarsalen
Aug 18, 2015


Beijing @ PKBJ Event 32 Korean Cultural Center China
Nov 07, 2015


Olomouc @ Kaple Božího těla
Apr 08, 2016


Stockholm @ Svensk Form
Aug 30, 2016


Accra @ Goethe Institut
Feb 16, 2018

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Holy Fashion

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 27, 2014

The three young women Anna Rützler, Svetlana Tretyak and Mandy Richter proudly presenting their bachelor thesis in graphic design where they created a fashion magazin - but what's the new thing? The target group. The fashion is design for pastors, bishops and other spiritual leaders! Holy - the infernal good fashion.

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MKLAV Fashion Incubator

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Veronika introduces MKLAV as her brainchild with her friends, Cyntia Gading and Emily Y. Wijaya. As a fashion incubator, their goals is to support fashion start-ups mainly through education by organizing courses, seminars, workshops, counseling, as well as fashion consulting. 

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Curvy Fashion

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Ucita Pohan embraces her curviness and thinks we should all too. Fashion trends don't always cater those who are not size zero, but it doesn't mean we can't be creative. Ucita shares her tips on how to flaunt our curves stylishly. Because fashion is not always about 'slim', fashion is not always about the price tag, but fashion is what suits you well.

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Det svenska modearvet

@ VOL 53 ON AUG 18, 2015

Ulrika Berglund, Phd Student at Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University. Her PechaKucha is all about fashion history!

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Swedish Fashion Talents

@ VOL 53 ON AUG 18, 2015

"At the Swedish Fashion Council, we work with different projects to promote, support, and develop Swedish Fashion. Our aim is to highlight new fashion brands...though our exhibitions and fashions."

In Swedish Fashion Talents, from PechaKucha Night StockholmVol. 53, Helena Bergström, Marketing Manager at Swedish Fashion Council, presents the nominees of Swedish Fashion Talents 2015, a 10-year running award for young fashion designers - this year won by Simon Ekrelius.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Wednesday, September 23th, 2015. 

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Works from one of the Swedish Fashion Talents 2015

@ VOL 53 ON AUG 18, 2015

Emelie Janrell is a fashion designer who this year was nominated for Swedish Fashion Talents 2015, among 9 other promising fashion designers. Beautiful photos of Emelies work are featured in this Pecha Kucha.

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Utopian Bodies - Fashion Looks Forward


Sofia Hedman, Johan Deurell & Hanne Eide – all three are part of the team behind the big fashion exhibition that will soon open at Liljevalchs Museum in Stockholm (September 2015). Their shared PechaKucha takes us on the journey that led them to the final result: Utopian Bodies. Showing fashion in its broadest form!

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Journey Of A Fashion Student

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 06, 2016

Emily, a fourth year fashion design student from Heriot Watt University, talks us through the design process from one of her recent projects.

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Fashion: A Tribute to Cultural Richness

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 28, 2017

Fashion is a passion for Nathanael Ivan, a fusion between two or more culture drive every masterpieces he made. Bali culture meets Madura, traditional feat urban, and peacock blend with batik.


PKN Does Boston Fashion Week

Boston Fashion Week is just around the corner (it runs September 24 to October 1), and among the 75+ events taking place during the massive event, we were very happy to find out that PechaKucha Night in Boston Vol. 19 made it in this top 5 Editor's Picks! The event takes place Monday, September 27 at Mantra in Cambridge.


PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.4 (presenters)

This are the presenters in the next Pecha Kucha Pontevedra vol.4.  It is going to have place in Portal 48, espacio para la creación, 1. Portal 48 (creation space)   2. Juanma Lodo (street photography) 3. Soul Gang (Fashion design) 4. De Botero a Bo Derek (art) 5. Cosmogonia (magic gifts) 6. Lara Abeledo (photography) 7. InterArtyve Books (digital editorial) 8. La Platanera (work space) The Poster have been designed by LAZO  You can follow us in Facebook and send your projects to

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PKN Plzeň Fashion

Tomas Jelinek of PKN Plzen put together this fantastic video as a part of their Vol. 3 event -- worth a gander to be sure! As always, be sure to check out their event page for some great photos from this event as well.   To see snaps from PechaKucha Nights near you and from all over the world, check out our Global Map. 

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Better, but Boring: The Modern State of Men's Fashion

What's the difference between "well-dressed" and "stylish?" In today's Presentation of the Day, "Better, but Boring: The Modern State of Men's Fashion" from PKN Toronto Vol. 24, Vinay Kumar Mysore walks us through the history of men's fashion and challenges us to think about how the society defines men's style. He makes the case that, at this moment, NBA basketball players constitute the largest group of stylish celebrities in North America. 

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Interaction through Fashion

Receive a hug from thousands of miles away, change the color of your clothing on a whim; this is the future of fashion. In today's Presentation of the Day, "Interaction through Fashion" from a special Tokyo Designers Week 2013 edition of PKN Tokyo Vol. 107, Francesca Rosella (of wearable technology fashion house Cute Circuit) shows off some of her company's new designs and what she predicts the fashion of the future will be like. Cute Circuit has created shirts that can be used to hug someone from across the world, dresses that can be used as a mobile phone, a dress that displays your tweets, and clothes whose color can be changed through a mobile phone app.

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How 3D-printing Gave Me a Ride2 Fashion Week Amsterdam

3D printing has is an awesome tool for designers working in fashion. Rik Theunissen specializes in some really fantastic, unique projects. In “How 3D Printing Gave Me a Ride2 Fashion Week” from PKN Maastricht Vol. 23 he presents his design for large, randomly-generated crystals worn and shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

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Revolving Fashion

How can we rest and relax while enjoying Harajuku shopping? Daniel Perujo, Ryosuke Minami, Adam Gries, and Samson Yee were given the daunting task of re-imagining one of Tokyo’s most fashionable districts: Takeshita Street. In “Revolving Fashion” from a special Startup the Party Powered by PechaKucha event, the group describes the exhaustive experience that is shopping in Harajuku, and their innovative solution to shopping before dropping.

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Fetishizing Fashion Brands

"Where do you work?" After making the switch to men's fetishwear brand Nastypig, fashion designer Kevin Jaedon wants people to know that he is NOT a nasty pig!  From Fetishizing Fashion Brands at PechaKucha Night Brooklyn, Vol. 4 Kevin discusses how all brands give off distinct connotations. Whether designed to be high fashion, conservative and work-oriented, or to wear at the International Mister Leather convention, you never know who might actually be the brains behind what you are wearing! 

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Swedish Fashion Talents

  "At the Swedish Fashion Council, we work with different projects to promote, support, and develop Swedish Fashion. Our aim is to highlight new fashion brands...though our exhibitions and fashions."In Swedish Fashion Talents, from PechaKucha Night Stockholm, Vol. 53, Helena Bergström, Marketing Manager at Swedish Fashion Council, presents the nominees of Swedish Fashion Talents 2015, a 10-year running award for young fashion designers - this year won by Simon Ekrelius.

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A great start

  با سلام. بسیار مفتخر هستیم که اعلام کنیم، اولین جلسه ی پچاکوچا یا 20*20 در حال برنامه ریزی است. بسیار خوشحال می شویم در صورت امکان به ما کمک کنید و ما را حمایت کنید. بسیار مشتتاق هستیم تا از شما در این مورد بشنویم. با تشکر   Dear all, We are happy to announce that a Pechakucha event will be held very soon. We would be more than happy if you can help us. We need your ideas and support. We are excited to here from you.